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ICON•S 2023 Book Prize

The ICON•S book prize of 2023 is awarded for Silvia Suteu’s Eternity Clauses in
Democratic Constitutionalism
(OUP 2021).

« Eternity Clausesin Democratic Constitutionalism challenges the conventional wisdom in which eternity clauses may enshrine human rights and stabilize democracy. One of the main arguments of this book is that the content of eternity clauses may well reflect strategic compromise, rather than lofty principles of constitutionalism or democracy. The book points out that many eternity clauses today have emerged from internationalized process where the values enshrined therein were hardly negotiated locally. The conclusion of this book is somewhat provocative by saying that eternity clauses (or constitutional unamendability), particularly in new and
fragile democracies, is likely to fall prey to manipulation. Its reasoning and findings are insightful and illuminating »

The 2023 ICON•S Book Prize Committee consisted of

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