The Society offers different kinds of memberships. All of them cover the registration fee for the Annual Conference during the membership period. They also include the right to vote in the Council elections, and to participate in activities that are organized for members only.

Regular Membership

The “Regular Membership” Fee is $95 USD and also includes (upon request) an online subscription to I·CON—the International Journal of Constitutional Law—for one year.

Discount Membership

The “Discount Membership” is $50 USD and applies to scholars from non-OECD countries and students. The discount membership is valid for one year and gives you the same rights and privileges as our regular membership.

First Time Membership

The “First Time Membership” is $30 USD. New members of the Society are eligible for this type of membership. The First Time Membership is valid for one year and gives you the same rights as our regular membership. We expect members who choose this type of membership to switch to one of the other kinds of membership after one year by the time of renewal.

Patron of the Society

If you are in a position to support the Society as one of our “patrons,” we invite you to consider the “Patron of the Society” membership. This membership is $150 USD. It is valid for one year and grants all the available membership rights, including participating in the Annual Conference and voting in the Council elections. We will publicly acknowledge all patrons of the Society.

To join ICON:S please click on the appropriate membership level above and complete the signup process.

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