Donate to ICON•S

Please help us keep ICON•S running by making a donation to our growing Society! Your support helps us to promote the mission of ICON•S in these challenging times. We thank you for your support!

Donations to ICON•S are facilitated by NYU Law. In order to donate to ICON•S, click on the button above. You will be directed to NYU Law’s Giving Page. There, please take the following steps to make sure your donation reaches ICON•S:

Chose ‘Other’ in the ‘Give to’ field

Enter ‘ICONS’ in the ‘Fund Name’ field

Enter amount in the ‘Gift Amount’ field

Fill out personal info in the few fields in ‘Your Information’

Enter ‘Friend of NYU Law‘ in the ‘Relationship to school’ field if no other applies

Enter ‘ICONS Society’  in the ‘Special instructions’ field (as well as any other special instructions for a specific donation if desired)

You will receive a receipt that is automatically generated when your donation is completed.

Thank you for your support!

ICON•S is a part of New York University which is 501(c)(3) organization.