We collected a number of answers to frequently asked questions below. Please get in touch with us at icons@icon-society.org if you have a question or a concern that is not listed below. We are happy to help!

General Questions

I would like to delete my ICON•S account. How should I proceed?
You can delete your ICON•S account at any time via the ICON•S HUB. Just log in and select ‘Delete Account’.
How can I change the e-mail address associated with my ICON•S account?
Unfortunately, we cannot modify the e-mail address associated with your account because our system keeps track of your account via your email address. If you want to change your e-mail address, please create a new ICON•S account and delete the old account. If you have an active membership associated with your account, please create a new account and get in touch with us via icons@icon-society.org. We will transfer your active membership to your new account and delete your old account. Please make sure to save the invoices you had in your old account because these invoices will not be accessible once we cancel your older account. We recommend to create an ICON•S account with an e-mail address that does not change often.
Does creating an ICON•S account mean I will automatically become an active member?
No, having an ICON•S account does not necessarily mean you have an active membership. Your membership is active as long as the membership fee is paid.
What is an ICON•S account and how can I create one?
The ICON•S account helps you stay up-to-date with ICON•S. You need to have an ICON•S account to become a member of ICON•S. You can create an account here: https://www.icon-society.org/join/


I paid my membership fee. How can I access the online subscription to the ICON journal?
To access the online subscription to ICON journal please get in touch with us at icons@icon-society.org.
I need an invoice for my membership fee for reimbursement purposes. How can I obtain this?
You will receive an invoice via email once you have paid your annual membership fee. You can also access your invoices after logging into your ICON-S account. Please contact us via email (icons@icon-society.org) if you need anything else. For example, if  you need an invoice under your name but addressed to the institution that will refund your membership fee, please contact us to request such an amended invoice.
How much does an annual membership cost?
The regular membership fee is 95 USD and covers membership of the Society and the Registration Fee for the Annual Conference. Upon request membership also includes a one year online subscription to I·CON—the International Journal of Constitutional Law. A 50 USD membership fee applies to scholars from non-OECD countries and to students.
How can I become a member of ICON-S?
You become a member of ICON-S by paying your annual membership fee.


Can chapters collaborate with other institutions?
ICON·S chapters can work cooperatively with other organizations, particularly academic organizations. Nevertheless, the chapters should always remain distinct and avoid been captured by specific interests.
What are the obligations of the ICON•S chapters?
ICON•S chapters need to report their activities once a year to the Society, promote the Society’s growth, respect, and advance the Society’s Executive Committee. Members of the governing bodies of ICON·S chapters are expected to be active members of ICON·S and pay the ICON·S annual membership fee regularly. All ordinary chapter members are encouraged to join ICON·S as active members and pay the annual fee. The co-presidents of ICON·S can grant exceptions upon request if it is considered convenient to promote the growth of the local chapter. In any case, all chapter members are expected to create a free ICON-S account.  
What are the kinds of activities that chapters usually organize?
Chapters are supposed to organize academic activities such as local conferences and workshops. They can mentor junior scholars, create a legal blog, collaborate with other academic institutions and other ICON-S chapters, organize publications, and collaborate with ICON-S’ annual conference.
How are chapters supposed to be organized?
ICON·S chapters usually have a gender-balanced leadership, including two co-chairs and a Board. Some chapters also include other positions and bodies, such as secretary-general and specialized committees. Please take a look at the rules of other chapters as examples (see here).
What is the process for creating an ICON•S chapter?
ICON-S members who wish to establish a new national or regional chapter should draft a proposal including the rules of their chapter according to the guidelines and criteria (see here), and should send this proposal for approval to the Executive Committee. Members interested in submitting a proposal should also include the biographies of the founding members. The process is coordinated by the Society’s deputy Secretary-General, and the final decision considers the recommendation made by the Society’s Vetting Committee. Proposals and any other questions regarding the process should be submitted to the Society’s email.  
Who can start an ICON•S chapter and become founding members?
Only ICON•S members can propose the creation of an ICON•S chapter.