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Statement on ICON•S Plenary Program

By July 7, 2021February 13th, 2023No Comments

The ICON•S Mundo Organizing Committee is committed to a full and robust exchange of ideas. However, we note that legitimate concerns have been raised by some members of the Society that parts of the Mundo plenary program do not fully reflect our shared public law values when it comes to questions of colonialism and empire.

To respond to and attempt to redress this, we plan to organize in the near-term an ICON•S Live conversation about public law, empire, and colonialism.

We apologize that we did not do more to address this earlier, and thereby to avoid that our plenary lineup could not fully reflect our shared public law values.

Lorenzo Casini
Co-President of ICON•S

Rosalind Dixon
Co-President of ICON•S

Richard Albert
Secretary General of ICON•S

Sergio Verdugo
Deputy Secretary General of ICON•S