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Comparative Constitutional Law, Empire, and Colonialism

By September 22, 2021February 15th, 2023No Comments

Comparative constitutional studies is frequently, and often justifiably, accused of focussing largely, if not exclusively, on a few influential jurisdictions in the Global North. Despite a welcome and continuing geographical expansion of scholarly interest towards the Global South, much of the intellectual agenda continues to be set by concerns of Northern polities. This panel is an attempt by ICON•S to cast our discipline’s gaze further afield, by thinking about the role that Empire and Colonialism, and their lingering legacies, have played and ought to play in comparative constitutional studies.

Join us in an ICON•S live Plenary Panel with Prof. Rabiat Akande (Osgoode Hall Law School, Canada), Prof. Faisal Devji (Oxford University, UK) and Prof. Emmanuelle Saada (Columbia University, USA). Prof. Dinesha Samararatne (University of Colombo, Sri Lanka) and Prof. Sergio Verdugo (Universidad de Desarrollo, Chile) will be serving as commentators and Prof. Tarun Khaitan (Oxford University, UK) will be chairing the meeting.

Date: October 15, 2021 – 14h London Time

The event is free and open to all but we kindly ask you to register here!