ICON • S 2022 On-Site Conference Preliminary Programme

We are pleased to announce the preliminary programme for our upcoming ICON•S Conference!

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Day 1 | July 4 | Women's Breakfast | 9:00-10:00 -
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Day 1 | July 4 | Opening Ceremony | 11:00 -
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Day 1 | July 4 | Panel Session I | 13:15-14:45 -
Panel #1The Global OrderChair: Guillaume DeprezNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Cezary Błaszczyk
Borders. Where law meets politics and fragmentation of the global order takes place
Guillaume Deprez
Global governance : history and critical perspectives
Ewan Smith
Is Foreign Policy Special
Ming-Sung Kuo
Justice Challenge for Global Governance
Renata Deskoska

Toni Deskoski
Rule of law in international community in the era of globalization
Panel #2Immigrants and CitizensChair: Dimitry KochenovNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Dorota Pudzianowska

Piotr Korzec
Citizenship on paper. On the Risk of Statelessness of Polish Children Raised in Same-Sex Unions Abroad.
The Significance of the Immigrants’ participation in decision-making processes during public health crises
Dimitry Kochenov
The Victims of Citizenship
Panel #3Problems in JurisprudenceChair: Maciej PiszNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Marcin Marcinko
“To Shoot or not to Shoot?” Legal Constraints and Differences between the Use of Lethal Force in Hostilities and Law Enforcement Operations
Dimitry Gegenava
Constitution for People v. Constitution for Politicians: Lessons of Constitutional Legitimation from Georgia
Rachael Walsh
Constitutional Property’s Chilling Effect: Assessing its Progressive Credentials
Maciej Pisz
Organic law in the system of sources of law in selected European countries
Fulvia Abbondante
The Reversed Rule of Law: Private Acts instead of Public Decisions
Panel #4Housing and Problems of MunicipalitiesChair: Aurelia LamiroyNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Marie DeCock
Inter-municipal cooperation caught between public and private, between government and undertaking: towards a future-proof legal framework
Margot Young

Sara Stendahl
The Housing Question: A Comparative Analysis of Housing Politics Across Gothenburg, Sweden and Vancouver, Canada.
Aurelia Lamiroy
Toward a right to housing before the ECHR for asylum seekers and its use on other vulnerable populaitons
Marius Pieterse
Upholding public-law values in hybrid public/private urban governance
Panel #5‘Public Law, Opposition, and Loyalty in a Time of Distrust’Chair: Wojciech Brzozowski2nd Chair: Tom FlynnNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Đorđe Gardašević
Direct Democracy and Disloyal Opposition
Monica Bonini
‘“Abusive Constitutionalism” and Loyal Opposition’
Wojciech Brzozowski
‘Loyal Opposition in European Populist Regimes’
Tom Flynn
‘Constitutional Pluralism and Loyal Opposition’
Kasia Krzyżanowska
‘The Rule of Law Crisis: Narratives of Decay, Transition, and Transgression’
Elena-Simina Tănăsescu
‘Separation of Powers and Loyal Cooperation between Public Authorities’
Panel #6From territory to temporality: constitutional thinking and timeChair: Philipp DannNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Amal Sethi
A Long-Term Case for Constitutional Flexibility
Signe Larsen
Temporality in the varieties of constitutionalism in the European Union
Aleksandra Gliszczynskas-Grabias
The Challenge of Populist Memory Laws for Poland
Philipp Dann
Constitutionalism and Time
Anuj Bhuwania
Transformative constitutionalism and temporality in India's federal structure
Paper Title
Amnon Reichman
Content moderation between public and private actors
Oreste Pollicino
The European strategy to fight disinformation: Procedural safeguards and co-regulation
Giovanni Sartor
Regulating AI: Models between law and technology
Federica Paolucci
Human rights impact assessment for algorithmic systems? An idea to be implemented for future AI governance in Europe
Sofia Ranchordas
Panel #8The European Central Bank as a political actorChair: Joana Mendes2nd Chair: Nikolas VagdoutisNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Joana Mendes
The ECB’s constitutive powers
Nikolas Vagdoutis
The ECB as a political actor: a ‘fourth branch’ of government?
Marco Goldoni
Benjamin Constant in Frankfurt: The Neutral Power of the ECB
Diane Fromage
Is there a democratic gap in the Banking Union?
Matthias Goldmann
Panel #9The separation of powers in the aftermath of the pandemicChair: Joana MendesNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Ferdinand Wollenschläger
The separation of powers in the aftermath of the pandemic in Germany
Emilie Chevalier
The separation of powers in the aftermath of the pandemic in France
Luca De Lucia

Sabrina Tranquilli
The separation of powers in the aftermath of the pandemic in Italy
Luis Arroyo Jiménez

Gabriel Doménech Pascual
The separation of powers in the aftermath of the pandemic in Spain
Panel #10Disinformation and elections: the response of electoral bodies and social platforms (spanish)Chair: Rafael Rubio2nd Chair: María Argelia QueraltNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Catalina Botero
OverSight Board answers to the electoral disinformation
Vitor Monteiro
Disinformation in Brazil elections 2022
Alejandro Robles
Disinformatiion in Costa Rica Elections 2022
Rafa Rubio
Disinformation in México elections (2021)
Argelia Queralt
Global constitutionalism and disinformation
Panel #11Uses and abuses of sovereignty: international order and state powersChair: Michael WilkinsonNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Maria Varaki
Sovereignty and the people from an international perspective
Giuliano Vosa
Sovereignty and the People: 'Populism' and the Sunset of the No-Conflict Narrative throughout the Three Crises
Graziella Romeo
Sovereignty of what?
Panel #12Re-thinking the Foundations of EU Public Law: Democracy, Market, and Mutual TrustChair: Gráinne de BúrcaNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Yasmine Bouzoraa
Enforcing the Value of Democracy in EU Law: Changing a Union Brick-by-Brick
Pola Cebulak
Microdosing Democratic Values: Internal Market Logic in the ECJ Jurisprudence on Democratic Backsliding in Poland and Hungary
Yuliya Kaspiarovich
Limits of Integration through Mutual Trust in the EU
Justin Lindeboom
One-Stage Internal Market Law: Restriction and Justification in the Early Free Movement Jurisprudence
Panel #13Economic, social, and cultural rights in the Ecuadorian Constitutional CourtChair: Daniel GallegosNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Jean Pierre Ruiz
Teenage pregnancy in Ecuadorian constitutional justice
María Paula Marroquín
Restorative justice in the educational context
Rosa Melo Delgado
People with catastrophic and highly complex diseases and the right to the availability of and access to quality, safe and effective medicines
Panel #14The EU's Role in the Protection of MinoritiesChair: Zuzana Vikarská2nd Chair: François-Xavier MilletNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Lenka Křičková
Same-Sex Families’ Rights and the EU – Impossible or Promising Relationship?
Sarah Ouředníčková
John Hart Ely and LGBTQ+ rights, 41 years later
Zuzana Vikarská
Religious Discrimination in the Workplace: Has the ECJ Gone Too Far in its Case-Law?
Jaroslav Benák
Muslim Headscarves in Czech Schools
Day 1 | July 4 | Conversation with Olga Tokarczuk | 15:00-16:00 -
This Session has no contents (yet)
Day 1 | July 4 | Panel Session II | 16:30-18:00 -
Panel #15Markets: Local and InternationalChair: Jan ZglinskiNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
David Schneiderman
Constitutional Evasions: Encounters Between Comparative Constitutional Law and International Investment Law
Maciej Bernatt
Markets and Democracy: the Role of Law in Curbing Economic Power that Endangers Democracy
Jan Zglinski
The New UK Internal Market: Rights, Politics and Devolution
Mihaela Tofan
The Real Challenge in International Tax Law: shifting the obligation of conduct into obligation of result for multilateral agreement on corporate taxation
Panel #16The Rule of LawChair: STÉPHANIE HENNETTE VAUCHEZNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Ana Laura Pereira Barbosa

Oscar Vilhena Vieira

Rubens Glezer
Authoritarian infra-legalism in Brazil: bypassing the legislative process, attacking institutions and harming rights
Emergencies tamed by the rule of law -or the other way around? Lessons from France
Pieter-Augustijn Van Malleghem
Legalism in the European Rule of Law Crisis
Jelena Trajkovska-Hristovska
Several Aspects about the Decrees with the Force of Law and Their Effect of Carnival Mirrors
Maciej Krogel
The Crisis of the Rule of Law and the Crisis of Constitutional Thinking
Panel #17Judicial PowerChair: Jahnavi SindhuNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Jahnavi Sindhu
Archetypes of Judicial Review
Zuzana Vikarská

Natálie Dřínovská
DialogUE: Follow-up Judicial Decisions of Czech Apex Courts after the ECJ’s Preliminary Rulings
Ori Aronson

Alon Jasper
Univocality vs. Multivocality: an Empirical Analysis of Judicial Behavior on Israel’s Supreme Court
Teresa Violante
Weak Judicial Review in European Constitutional Courts
Panel #18Democratic DeclineChair: Ana Beatriz Vanzoff Robalinho Cavalcanti No room assigned yet
Paper Title
Ana Beatriz Vanzoff Robalinho Cavalcanti

Sandra Magalang
A Roadmap to Democratic Backsliding: Lessons from the Global South
Juha Tuovinen
An Institutional Approach to the Detection Problem in Democratic Backsliding
Daniel Bogéa

Juliano Zaiden Benvindo
ARE (JUDICIAL) INSTITUTIONS WORKING? An evolutionary approach to the role of constitutional courts in preventing democratic decay
Malavika Prasad
What does democratic backsliding in India teach us about methodology of constitutional discourse?
Panel #19Constitutionalism in South AmericaChair: Pamela AguirreNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
René Provost
Indigenous Justice in Bolivia: Promises and Limits of Plurinational Constitutionalism
Esteban Szmulewicz
Participation, decentralisation and innovations in constitution-making: the case of Chile
Pamela Aguirre

Revalorización de la jurisprudencia en ordenamientos que provienen del civil law: El caso ecuatoriano
Leticia Kreuz
The impact of post-impeachment constitutional denaturation in Brazil – the legislative proposals on democracy under neoliberalism and democratic erosion
Panel #20Public Law and PopulismChair: Sergio VerdugoNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Sam Issacharoff
Public Law and Populism
Wojciech Sadurksi
Public Law and Populism
Tom Ginsburg
Public Law and Populism
Renata Uitz
Public Law and Populism
Panel #21The Role of European Law in Addressing Global Challenges: Between De-politicization and IncrementalismChair: Pola CebulakNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Marta Morvillo
Judicial review of complex assessments in the EMU: a bastion of technical discretion?
Stefan Salomon
Legal incrementalism and the abolition of border controls: the shifting meaning of the abolition of border controls in recent cases before the Court of Justice
Pola Cebulak
Incrementalism as a Tool for Politicization. A Contextual Analysis of European Court of Justice Jurisprudence on Democratic Backsliding in Hungary and Poland.
Vigjilenca Abazi
Strengthening EU Law: through Incremental legal changes to major policy shifts
León Castellanos-Jankiewicz
“Making Politics History: The Legal Governance of Memory and Democratic Backsliding in Europe”.
Panel #22What Makes a Good Constitution?Chair: Lóránt CsinkNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Dimitry Gegeneva
Constitution for People v. Constitution for Politicians: Lessons of Constitutional Legitimation from Georgia
George Goradze
Constitutional Grounds of Territorial Politics: Ambiguousness of Georgian Constitution
Ania Tarnowska
Good constitution: between bold new instrument and myth of the constitution. Remarks of legal historian
Lóránt Csink
Is the Hungarian Constitution Good? The Evaluation of the Hungarian Fundamental Law in, Academic, Political and Social Perspectives
Cynthia Boyer
Panel #23The Imperfection of Israel's ConstitutionChair: Tamar Hostovsky BrandesNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Hanna Lerner
Assessing Constitutional Incrementalalism in Israel
Yair Sagy
New Historiography of Israel's Unfinished Business of Constitution Making
Elad Gil
Constituting the Separation of Powers by Statute: The Story of Basic Law: The Legislation
Bell Yosef
How to regulate a dialogue?
Panel #24Cultural heritage law beyond (global, technical, and technological) frontiersChair: Andrea Averardi2nd Chair: Lorenzo CasiniNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Livia Baldinelli
EU Digital Single Market Strategy and copyright-protected works: between geo-blocking and competition law tools
Agnese Mussatti
NFT and dematerialized art: how to democratize access through a (new) ownership title
Maria Giusti
The challenging of regulating the internet: the copyright Directive
Anna Pirri Valentini
Culture Counts
Panel #25Weimar Moments III: The Past and Future of Transformative ConstitutionalismChair: Matthias GoldmannNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Ana Micaela Alterio
The 1917 Mexican constitution vis to vis the 1919 Weimar constitution
Egas Bender de Moniz Bandeira
Translations of constitutional codifications in Republican China
Lorena Ossio
Looking for Answers to the Social Question in Latin America in the Weimar Constitution
Elisa Bertolini
The Japanese constitutional drafting process as a half failed Weimar moment
Alexandros Kessopoulos
The establishment of the Second Greek Republic as a “Weimar Moment”?
Panel #26Facing the Russian Invasion – Legal ResponseChair: Malkhaz NakashidzeNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Tamar Gurchiani
Georgia v Russia International Disputes (Discussant)
Maia Mkhatvrisvili
Human Rights Protection Mechanisms as a Challenge for People Living in the Occupied Territories
George Meladze
Countering Russian Occupation by Law – Measuring Success
Giorgi Alaverdashvili
Constitutions during the Wars
Malkhaz Nakashidze
European and Euro-Atlantic Integration in the Modern Constitutions
Panel #27Combatting Climate Change in Financial Law: The EU’s Approach towards ‘Sustainable Finance’Chair: Günter HerzigNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Agnieszka Smoleńska
EU’s sustainability capitalism and the financing of transition to climate neutrality
Jonathan Bauerschmidt
Hamilton Goes Green: The EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility to Combat Climate Change
Léo Gotarda
Defining Sustainability: Who Can Solve the Discord on the Taxonomy Regulation?
David Brinkmann
Climate and environmental related risks: time for action for banks and their supervisors
Diane Fromage
Panel #28Constitutionalism in AfricaChair: Henrietta EkefreNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Markus Böckenförde
Can immutable clauses effectively protect presidential term limits in Africa?

Impact of the Human Rights Enforcement Act on the future of Public Interest Litigation in Uganda
Henrietta Ekefre
The role of national human rights institutions in the domestic implementation of African human rights decisions
Reshard Kolabhai
Transitional justice and business corporations: a systemic transformative-constitutionalist approach to binding human rights obligations for companies in South Africa
Panel #29Speech rights between public and private controlChair: Rafael Bezerra NunesNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Akriti Gaur
Encrypted Messaging Applications as Non-Traditional Social Media Platforms
Przemyslaw Palka
Democratic adnd policentric content moderation
Gilad Abiri

Sebastian Guidi
A Court with no People: The Faltering Legitimacy of the Facebook Oversight Board
Rafael Bezerra Nunes
“Old but gold”: Courts, Credible Commitment, and Old School Speech Regulation in Singapore
Day 1 | July 4 | Panel Session III | 18:30-20:00 -
Panel #30Sustainability and Climate ChangeChair: Céline RomainvilleNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Céline Romainville
Climate litigation and separation of powers
Azubike Onuora-Oguno

Chianaraekpere Ike

Ngozi Chuma-Umeh
Discovering the right path by missing the way-repositioning public law scholarship for sustainable development
Marcelo Lozada Gomez
Getting to grips with climate change in constitutional adjudication: A study of the Neubauer case
Delphine Faivre
The Common heritage of mankind in the face of the logics of sovereignty and privatization of the environment
Panel #31Surveillance and PrivacyChair: Luca MegaleNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Luca Megale
How data protection can undermine the effectiveness of public administrations
Donald Papy

Barak Ariel
Police Body Worn Cameras and Public (Dis)trust in the Street and in the Courtroom: the Miami Beach Study
Monika Zalnieriute
Power and Protest: Facial Recognition Technology and Public Space Surveillance
Magdalena Jozwiak
What we talk about when we talk about platform transparency?
Panel #32Legal Problems in East AsiaChair: Oran DoyleNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Mayu Terada
Issues of Using AI Technology as a Surveillance Technology – Japan as an Example
Shucheng Wang
The Informal Interpretation of the Hong Kong Basic Law: A Dialogic Approach
Oran Doyle
Unchanging and Unchangeable Constitutions: Taiwan and Japan
Panel #33Democratization and DiscontentsChair: Oguzhan Bekir KeskinNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Luis Eugenio Garcia-Huidobro
Latin American Hyper-Presidentialism and the constitutional dimension of patronage
Candace Terman
Splitting the Atom of Sovereignty: How Shari‘a Law and Natural Law Impact Law and Politics
Oguzhan Bekir Keskin

The ‘Ghost’ And The ‘Future’ Of Turkish (Constitutional) Democracy: Trust And Distrust
Aspa Theochari
The American musical populism in the 1930s and 1940s- Aaron Copland’s project on democratisation of music
Agnieszka Sołtys
The Polish Constitutional Court and European integration – the current breakdown and the price of distrust
Panel #34Courts and PoliticsChair: Marta Kłopocka-Jasińska No room assigned yet
Paper Title
Daniel Bogéa
ABUSIVE JUDICIAL REVIEW UPSIDE DOWN: abusive constitutional borrowing by executive officials against courts
Konrad Wyszkowski
Distrust of constitutional courts (and the like) as a case for their democratization
Marta Kłopocka-Jasińska
Execution powers of the constitutional courts. The opportunity to strengthen their position?
Campbell MacGillivray
How Constitutional Courts Act Strategically in Threatened Democracies
Katarína Šipulová

Lukas Hamrik
Roles of court presidents in the separation of powers
Panel #35International Criminal Law in the Digital EraChair: Karolina KremensNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Patrycja Grzebyk
Prosecution of digital war criminals
Karolina Wierczyńska
Digital Age in the ICC
Kaja Kowalczewska
Three considerations that render the integration of Big Tech into the regulation of international justice inevitable.
Hanna Kuczyńska
Practical aspects of gathering digital evidence in investigations concerning the aggression on Ukraine
Karolina Kremens
Panel #36Exploring the ultra-national dimension of constitutionalism through fundamental rightsChair: Diletta Tega2nd Chair: Marta MorvilloNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Ylenia Guerra

Riccardo Mazza
The BVerfG and the ECJ face a new challenge: climate change litigation in light of the extraterritorial protection of fundamental rights?
Micol Pignataro
Are all fundamental rights justiciable extra-territorially?
Pier Francesco Bresciani
Extra-territorial application of fundamental rights and the constitutionalization of foreign policy
Panel #37The Banking Union and its effects on the constitutional and administrative regimes in the Member States (I)Chair: Raffaele D'AmbrosioNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Diane Fromage
Financial supervision in larger Member States: France, Germany and Italy between domestic and European influence
Carlos Martínez Mongay

Joaquín Maudos
Regulation and supervision of the Spanish banking sector in the context of EMU: the importance of the Banking Union
Donato Salomone
National authorities for macroprudential supervision within the European Union
Mārtiņš Rudzītis
The reform of the institutional framework for financial supervision in Latvia
Rosa Maria Lastra
Panel #38Correcting Inequality through LawChair: Niels PetersenNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Shubhangi Roy
Case Study India
Wei-Ju Huang
Case Study Taiwan
Tainá Garcia Maia
Case Study Brazil
Niels Petersen
Case Study United States
Panel #39National constitutional limits to withdrawing from the EUChair: Nicola LupoNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Ylenia Maria Citino
On the Existence of Built-in Arrangements Shielding the Constitution from 'Italexit'
Laura Hering
Does the German Basic Law permit a withdrawal from the EU?
Patricia Popelier
The Belgian withdrawal: easy but unlikely? Voluntary option or unavoidable consequence
Francisco Balaguer Callejón
Withdrawing from the EU and withdrawing from the Eurozone in the Spanish constitutional system

Does the Constitution allow Polexit through the “back door”?
Panel #40Popular Notions of Legitimacy and Trust vis-à-vis Public Institutions across Europe and Latin AmericaChair: Silvia Gagliardi2nd Chair: Daniela Rodriguez Gutierrez3rd Chair: Eoin CarolanNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Somsubhra Banerjee
Conflicting Notions of Legitimacy: Public Perceptions from Hungary and Poland
Orlaith Rice
Judicial Legitimacy in Sweden
Nicky Gillibrand
Public Confidence in the Institutions of the State: Comparing Perceptions of the Branches of Power in the United Kingdom
Demian Ernesto Iglesias Seifert
Judicial Legitimacy in Argentina and Uruguay
Panel #41Constitutionalism in Context I: Europe and BeyondChair: David LawNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
David Law
Conceptualizing the Field of Comparative Constitutional Law
Mara Malagodi
Constitutional History and Constitutional Migration: Nepal
Christos Papastylianos
Citizenship and Nationality: Cyprus
Yaniv Roznai
Constitutional Transformation: Hungary
Yvonne Tew
The Context of “Constitutionalism in Context”
Panel #42The new fourth branch. A way forward for constitutional democracy?Chair: Giammaria MIlani No room assigned yet
Paper Title
Sara Alemán Merlo
The appointment of independent authorities. Does it matter?
Marco Antonio Simonelli
Independent authorities and democracy. Let the experts rule?
Valentina Carlino
Independent Authorities and Constitutional Degradation.
Stefano Bargiacchi
The role of parliaments in the appointment procedures of independent authorities
Panel #43Democracy and Constitutional JusticeChair: Valeria GarridoNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Daniel Gallegos
Breaking the cast: The Ecuadorian Constitutional Court’s attribution to declare related legal norms unconstitutional as a case of cross fertilization between models of constitutional review
María José Blum Moarry
Arbitration, challenge of arbitral awards, constitutional control, current state of constitutional jurisprudence.
Miguel Molina Díaz
Constitutional Control on State of Emergency during Covid-19
José Luis Castro
Day 2 | July 5 | 8:30-9:20 | Joseph Weiler's Workshop on “Everything you always wanted to know about Peer Review but were Afraid to Ask” -
This Session has no contents (yet)
Day 2 | July 5 | Panel Session IV | 9:30-11:00 -
Panel #44The Banking Union and its effects on the constitutional and administrative regimes in the Member States (II)Chair: Jonathan BauerschmidtNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Paul Weismann
The supervision and resolution of banks in Austria and how it was transformed by EU law
Martinho Lucas Pires
Searching for the spirit of reform: the first years of banking resolution in Portugal
Takis Tridimas
The relationship between the EU and the UK post-Brexit: the example of banks
Jakub Kerlin
The institutional landscape of the financial safety net in Poland after implementation of the EU financial law regulatory reforms. What are the local differences between Poland and the European Banking Union?
Jonathan Bauerschmidt
Panel #45Judicial IndependenceChair: Bettina SteibleNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Evelin Burján
A theoretical framework for distinguishing between judicial deference and the non-functioning of a constitutional court
Alex Schwartz
Court Curbing and Populist Framing
Ana Laura Pereira Barbosa
Institutional design and political survival of Constitutional Courts: a methodological proposal
Abraham Siles
Ratification of Judges and Judicial Independence in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights Case-law (in-person panel in Wrocław)
Bettina Steible
The independence of constitutional courts in light of European standards. The Spanish and French cases
Panel #46High Courts and Women’s RightsChair: Argelia Queralt-JiménezNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Gila Stopler
The US Supreme Court – The Bastion of Private Prejudice
Ana Micaela Alterio
Gender perspective in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights
Itziar Gómez
Is the Spanish Constitutional Court overcoming the gender bias?
Argelia Queralt-Jiménez
The Strasbourg's cautios approach to women's rights
Aday Jiménez
The Australian High Court and the guarantee of women's rights
Panel #47Human RightsChair: Eszter BodnarNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Dia Anagnostou
Civil society and the experimentalist turn in the European Convention of Human Rights
Eszter Bodnar
Comparative Law in the Practice of the European Court of Human Rights – Beyond the European Consensus
Rashad Ibadov
Modelling the State – Religion Relations in the former Soviet Muslim-majority States: constitutional secularity and increasing religiosity in the context of democratic state building in Azerbaijan
Louise Laperche

Frederic Bouhon
Risk, human rights and Covid-19
Adam Ploszka
Success or failure of the Guiding Principles on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights. Reflections based on empirical research
Panel #48Environmental ConstitutionalismChair: Robert Rybski No room assigned yet
Paper Title
Robert Rybski
Quantitative Easing as a measure to fight climate change? Discussing constitutional dilemmas
Tania Groppi
Sustainability and Constitutions. The Constitutional State and the Dilemma of the Future Generations.
Sam Bookman
Technocratic, Liberal-Conservative and Transformative: Varieties of Environmental Constitutionalism
Véronique Boillet
The constitutional initiative as a constraint measure in the context of legislative inaction on climate change
Panel #49Democracy in Retreat?Chair: Jiri PribanNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Jiri Priban
Constitutional Imaginaries, Populism and European Democracy
Evan Rosevear

Mariana Prado
Infra-Constitutional Executive Aggrandizement and Democratic Backsliding
Amal Sethi

Amal Sethi
Opposition Political Parties and Democratic Revival
Arta Vorpsi

The fading of representative democracy and the rise of pragmatic democracy Some reflection on Albanian political reality
Panel #50Content Moderation OnlineChair: Luz Helena Orozco y Villa No room assigned yet
Paper Title
Luz Helena Orozco y Villa
Digital Constitutionalism and Online Content Moderation: Moving Beyond Discourse
Giulia Vasino
Due process of law and fundamental rights protection in the era of “Big Techs’ justice”: the case of Facebook’ s Oversight Board
Stanislaw Tosza
Internet service providers as law enforcers and adjudicators. A public role of private actors?
Loreto Corredoira
Responses to the threat of disinformation in the EU: Implications of the closure of RT and Sputnik
Magdalena Jozwiak
The short history of online content moderation in Europe – issue of hate speech
Panel #51Covid-19 Litigation in Latin AmericaChair: Andrea Cristina Robles UstarizNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Valentina del Sol Salazar
Constitutional actions for the protection of human rights
Natalia Rueda
Private and family life during Covid-19 Pandemic
María Clara Galvis
Education Right and affectation to the education by public policies during the pandemic
Laura González
Internet access as a fundamental right in LatinAmerica
Andrea Cristina Robles Ustariz
“The principle of solidarity in action”: Solidarity taxes to face the Covid-19 pandemic in Colombia and Uruguay.
Panel #52The Russian-Ukrainian conflict: constitutional implications and geopolitical perspectivesChair: Simone BenvenutiNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Eleonora Iannario
Passportization as an instrument of Russia's foreign policy to face territorial conflicts: the Donbas as a case-study
Alessandro De Nicola
The European defense policy after the Ukrainian crisis: which perspectives?
Francesco Severa
Proxy Warfare in Ukraine: power politics in the new world order, between sanctions, propaganda and foreign fighters.
Simone Benvenuti
Panel #53Judging in time of crisis: a comparative overviewChair: antonia baraggiaNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Nicoletta Perlo
Référé judge in France: the special role of an emergency judge in a crisis
Eleonora Bottini
Judging crisis in the UK: the hybrid formula of public inquiries
Mariana Canotilho
Courts in times of crisis: the Portuguese experience
Giada Ragone
The Pandemic Emergency before the Italian Constitutional Court
Ángel Aday Jiménez Alemán
An Excessively Bound Executive? The Law of Exception in Spain after the Constitutional Court’s Contribution
Panel #54Book Panel: The Specter of Dictatorship: Judicial Enabling of Presidential PowerChair: David Driesen2nd Chair: Dimitry KochenovNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
David Driesen
The Specter of Dictatorship: A Brief Summary
Witold Plowiec
The Specter of Dictatorship from the Polish Perspective
Bertril Oder
The Specter of Dictatorship from a Turkish Perspective
Andrea Katz
An American Scholar's Comments on the Specter of Dictatorship
Panel #55When the backsliding becomes a breakdown - explaining resistance to the European rule of law standardsChair: Władysław JóźwickiNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Aleksandra Kustra-Rogatka
When the captured constitutional court desperately search for legitimization… Abusive constitutional borrowings in the “Eurosceptic” decisions of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal
Barbara Grabowska-Moroz
Abusive comparativism in the context of the rule of law crisis
Marcin Szwed
The ECtHR and the rule of law crisis: significance of and the resistance against the Court’s case law
Patryk Wachowiec
Threats to the Rule of Law in the European Union: Court of Justice to the rescue (?)
Jakub Jaraczewski
Unconditional surrender? The rule of law conditionality regulation, one and a half years later
Anna Wójcik
Conceptualizing media freedom deterioration as part of the rule of law breakdown
Panel #56War for the Constitutional ChangeChair: Toma BirmontieneNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Jolita Miliuviene
Constitutional amendments of Ukraine of 2019 and the War
Anna Rytel-Warzocha
Role of the constitutional justice in the review of international treaties and constitutional amendments resulting from war
Andrzej Jackiewicz
Amending the constitution as an effect of the peace treaty on the example of the constitutional system of the Republic of Poland
Panel #57States of emergency in times of COVID-19. Theory and practice of the V4 countriesChair: Monika Florczak-WątorNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Fruzsina Gárdos-Orosz
Constitutional review and rights protection in Covid-19 crisis management in Hungary
Jan Maliř
Emergencies, Fundamental Rights and Covid-19: Czech Experience
Max Steuer
Slovakia’s States of Emergency and the COVID-19 Pan(dem)ic
Michał Ziółkowski
The emergency, human rights and COVID-19 in Poland
Zoltán Szente
Marta Kłopocka-Jasińska
Panel #58Empirical Methods in Constitutional LawChair: Eoin CarolanNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Niels Petersen
Qualitative Methods in Comparative Constitutional Law: a Plea for Process Tracing
Mila Versteeg
Measurement and Causal Identification in Constitutional Law; a Reply to Niels Petersen and Konstantin Chatziathanasiou
Stefan Voigt
Quantitative Methods in Constitutional Scholarship
Silvia Gagliardi

Eoin Carolan
How to Investigate a Constitutional Culture?: the Possibilities and Challenges of the Focus Group Method for Constitutional Research
Panel #59Private-Public Principles for a Global Data Economy: Data Transactions, Data Rights, and Data Values?Chair: Francesca Episcopo2nd Chair: Thomas StreinzNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Teresa Rodríguez de las Heras Ballell
Francesca Episcopo
The “Invisible Hand” of Contract Law in the Regulation of the Data Economy.
Thomas Streinz
Interactions and Tensions between the ELI/ALI Data Principles and European Data Law
Przemysław (Przemek) Pałka
Angelina Fisher
Day 2 | July 5 | Panel Session V | 11:30-13:00 -
Panel #60Who Sits on the Bench?Chair: Kieran BradleyNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Mathias Möschel
Abstentions and recusals in European constitutional courts: a comparative analysis of conflict of interest prevention
Alexander Lazovic
Ensuring Separation of Power: Curtailing the Risk of Politicised Appointments at the CJEU through Decision-Making Practice
Teodora Miljojkovic

Judicial Vetting – Rethinking Means of Strengthening Judicial Independence
Piotr Mikuli
The Scope of Judicial Immunity and the Independence of the Judiciary
Panel #61Political and Legal Problems OnlineChair: Eliza BechtoldNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Mathieu Fasel

Sophie Weerts
Community Standards and legal security : an analysis of Meta’s algorithmic law
Giulia Santomauro
Emotional artificial intelligence and forced migration: implications of automated security decisions at borders for the rights of asylum seekers
Eliza Bechtold
GGovernment Lies: Combatting Disinformation from State Actors in the Digital Age
Clarissa Valli Buttow

Sophie Weerts
The new data governance models in the context of the European Union
Panel #62Legislatures and LegislationChair: Sophie MercierNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Victor Pinheiro
Due Process of Lawmaking and the principles of legislation: a comparative perspective
Natalie Fox
Regaining Sovereignty? Brexit and the UK Parliament
Alexandra Gjurova
The duty to state reasons for legislation and regulation in the Belgian legal order
Sophie Mercier
The issue of information in Parliament: an analysis through a gender lens
Panel #63Gender in Different RegimesChair: Javier Ortiz No room assigned yet
Paper Title
Nina Pencak
Brazilian Supreme Court and its new perspective of feminist consitutionalism: the effects of tax on gender inequality
Asylai Akisheva
Constitutional Transformation of Women’s Rights in Kyrgyzstan
Tilen Štajnpihler Božič
Javier Ortiz
The Decriminalization of Abortion in Mexico. A Win for Women and Pregnant Persons
Panel #64Constituent Power and National IdentityChair: Rupavardhini Balakrishnan Raju No room assigned yet
Paper Title
Shree Agnihotri
Arendtian Constiuent Power: between law and revolution
Amal Sethi
Looking Beyond The Constituent Power Theory
Damla Ercan
Questioning the ‘paradox’ of constitutionalism: ‘the people’ as a legal category and its implications
Gonzalo Ramírez
Unconstitutional of Constitutional amendment in Colombia: dilemmas and solutions
Rupavardhini Balakrishnan Raju
We the People: National Identity and Constitutions
Paper Title
Wahab Olasupo Egbewole
Judicial Independence in Developing Democracies: Lessons from Nigeria
Assefa  Fiseha
Ethiopia: Federalism without judicial independence and constitutionalism?
Hakeem Yusuf
The Past has not Passed Away: Burdens of an Unreformed Judiciary in Post-Authoritarian Context
Kesang Wangmo
Judicial review and judicial independence during the pandemic in developing democracies: Insights from Bhutan
Samuel Spáč
Toward a unified theory of judicial independence in developing democracies
Panel #66Race, ethnicity, vulnerability and the Roma: Constitutional challenges under COVID19. A Hungarian perspectiveChair: Anna SledzinskaNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Andras Pap
Vulnerability, race and COVID: a typology
Eszter Kovács Szitkay
Race, ethnicity, vulnerability and the Roma: Constitutional challenges under COVID19. A Hungarian perspective
Sára Hungler
From segregated schools to the segregated labour market: Hungary under and beyond COVID
Panel #67Democracy, Populism and the Authority of the ConstitutionChair: Karolina KocembaNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Martin Krygier
The Spirit of Constitutionalism
Jeremy Webber
The Rule of Law in Democratic Constitutionalism
Michał Stambulski
Constitutional and Populist Mind
Adam Czarnota
Peripheral democratic frustrations. Challenges to liberal-constitutional authority in CEE
Michael Wilkinson
Populism and Liberalism: Opposition or Inflection?
Panel #68Weimar Moments I: The Past and Future of Transformative ConstitutionalismChair: Mariana CanotilhoNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Matthias Goldmann

Agustín José Menéndez

Weimar Moments: Transformations of the Democratic, Social, and Open State of Law
Nikolas Vagdoutis
Franz Neumann, Otto Kirchheimer, Hermann Heller: social-democratic theories in Weimar constitutional thought
Marion Röwekamp
“The Constitution is only a Meaningless Piece of Paper.” Citizenship, Constitution and the Limits of Equality for Women in Weimar Germany and East- and Central Europe (1918-1933)
Francesco Saitto
The Life and Times of “Economic Constitution”
Panel #69Regulating Power In The Digital Era: Comparative Perspectives of Digital ConstitutionalismChair: Giovanni de GregorioNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Lucas Henrique Muniz da Conceição
Digital Constitutionalism in Brazil: Perspectives on the regulation of disinformation in social media platforms
Federica Paolucci
The eternal memory of AI: new challenges on the enforcement of digital rights in the light of the proposed AI Act
Flavia Bavetta
The use of Artificial Intelligence in public decisions: the new balance of powers
Pietro Dunn
Online digital risks and speech governance in the EU: The quest for a balance
Panel #70(De-)Constructing Territory in Public International LawChair: Nico KrischNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Stefan Salomon
The Construction of Territory in Nineteenth Century International Legal Doctrine
Gail Lythgoe
Problematising the Beyond Territoriality Discourse: Aterritorialised Legal Thinking
Peter D. Szigeti
Jurisdiction as a System: Reestablishing Jurisdictional Rules After the Collapse of Territoriality
Hannah Birkenkötter
From sovereign equality to Our Common Agenda
Gabriele Wadlig
International private property interventions and the construction of territory
Dana Schmalz
Panel #71Good Administration and the Council of EuropeChair: Ana Maria Guerra Martins2nd Chair: Ulrich StelkensNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Petra Lancos
The Pan-European General Principles on State Liability
Aleksandra Dziegielewska
The pan-European general principles on judicial review in administrative matters through the lens of effectiveness
Rui Lanceiro
The Pan-European General Principles on Administrative Organisation
Katharina Pabel
Panel #72Empire and Public LawChair: Signe Larsen2nd Chair: Ewan SmithNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Signe Larsen
Empire and the European Union
Philipp Dann
Liberal Constitutionalism and Post-colonialism in the Global South
Maame Mensa-Bonsu
The Fingerprints of Empire on Constitutionalism in Postcolonial West Africa.
Yasser Kureshi
Military Constitutionalism in Post Colonial States
Ewan Smith
Devolution in the Post-Imperial Constitution of the United Kingdom
Panel #73Democracies and International Law: A Book DiscussionChair: Tom GinsburgNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Veronika Fikfak
Comment 1
Sam Issacharoff
Comment 2
Xisca Pou Giménez
Comment 3
Mila Versteeg
Comment 4
Panel #74SOCIAL MEDIA AND NATIONAL COURTS IN EUROPE: A FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS PERSPECTIVEChair: Federica Casarosa2nd Chair: Evangelia PsychogiopoulouNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Lorna Woods
Social media jurisprudence: and the ECtHR
Evangelia Psychogiopoulou
The CJEU as a fundamental rights adjudicator in social media cases
Joan Solanes Mullor
Social media before higher courts in Spain: judicial dialogue for innovative and difficult cases and the resolution of disagreements between courts
Federica Casarosa
Social Media Before Higher Courts In Italy: A Thorough Adaption Of Existing Rules And The Protection Of Constitutional Rights Online
Panel #75Solidarity, Public Sphere, and Constitutional IdentityChair: Adam ShinarNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Adam Shinar
Taking art seriously: censorship and the making of the Jewish nation state
Ilan Saban
The Normative Limits to Acts of Appreciation: Street Names in Arab-Palestinian Local Authorities in Israel
Tamar Hostovsky Brandes
Solidarity and Judicial Review
Iddo Porat
Ultra-orthodox Jews and the public sphere
Day 2 | July 5 | Plenary Session: Public Health | 14:00-15:45 -
This Session has no contents (yet)
Day 2 | July 5 | Panel Session VI | 16:15-17:45 -
Panel #76The Politics of the PandemicChair: Barbara BoschettiNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Lukasz Prus
Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Expression in the Covid-19 Pandemic – The Polish Perspective
Chiara Cerbone
The coronavirus pandemic: crisis or opportunity for the Spanish “Estado autonomico”?
Marko Krtolica
Barbara Boschetti

Maria Daniela Poli
The Resilience Challenge: why and how we should treasure this pandemic legacy
Panel #77The Digital StateChair: Ana Cristina Aguilar Viana No room assigned yet
Paper Title
Camilo Jara-Villalobos
Are the Freedom of Information Laws and Information Commissioners the key to improving transparency?
Gustavo Buss
Constitutional remedies for the digital arena: can we ban Telegram?
Elad Gil
Regulating the Regulator? How the Rise of Private Online Governance Reshapes the Separation of Powers
Ana Cristina Aguilar Viana
Stakeholders and Digital State: what about public law adaptations?
Christian Behrendt

Zoé Vrolix
The influence of social networks and internet fora on the decision-making process of legislative assemblies
Panel #78Constitutional design for democratic prospects - What do the examples of Romania, Estonia, Hungary and Poland teach?Chair: Paloma Krõõt TupayNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Paloma Krõõt Tupay
Is the Estonian Constitution a guarantor for successful democracy?
Bianca Gutan
1989-2022 Raiders of the Lost Trust. A Romanian Perspective
Katarzyna Szwed
Perspective on 25 years of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland – assumptions versus reality
Zoltán Pozsár-Szentmiklósy
Informal democracy in Hungary
Panel #79Digital Searches - In Quest for a New European StandardChair: Vanessa FranssenNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Anna Albrecht
Digital searches as an impulse for constitutional evolution – the example of Germany
Giulia Lasagni
Digital Searches in Italy
Karolina Kremens
Digital searches in Poland in the light of the Pegasus spyware scandal
Vanessa Franssen
Digital searches and the principle of territoriality: Time for a new European approach?
Wojciech Jasiński
The role of the European Court of Human Rights in shaping common European standard regarding searches
Panel #80The Challenges of DiversityChair: EUGENIE MERIEAUNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Sarah Ganty
“Racialisation” and “Ethnicization” of the Law through Merit
Decolonizing Comparative Constitutional Law : Taking Alternative Constitutional Modernities Seriously
Sumit Sonkar
Meghan Finn
Panel #81Constitutional Theory IChair: Oran DoyleNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Oran Doyle

Rachael Walsh
Deliberative Constitutionalism: Assessing the Representation Deficit
Scott Stephenson
Hypocrisy as a Constitutional Vice
Benjamin Lawrence
In the Shadow of the Constitution: Quotidian Constitutional Contestation in Cambodia
Léna Geron

Mathilde Franssen
Political ethics and its interference with the right to privacy
Panel #82The Future of European Data Law: Promises, Pathologies, and ProblemsChair: Michèle Finck2nd Chair: Thomas StreinzNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Michèle Finck
The Limits of the GDPR in the Personalisation Context and Beyond
Thomas Streinz
Contingencies of the “Brussels Effect” in the Digital Domain
Przemysław (Przemek) Pałka
Critical Reflections on the AI Act
Elettra Bietti
Panel #83Conflict or Cooperation? The Strained Relationship between the Court of Justice of the European Union and EU Member State CourtsChair: Aleksandra Kustra-RogatkaNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Oliver Garner
Constitutional Resistance in the EU: A Proposal for a ‘Declaration of Incompatibility’
Ruth Weber
References to Decisions of the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights within the Jurisprudence of the German Federal Constitutional Court.
Władysław Jóźwicki
The story of lost chances but not lost hope: Towards a sequential model of adjudication on Art 4(2) TEU claims in EU law
Charlotte Langenfeld
The Function of the Concept of the Autonomy of the EU Legal Order in the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice
Marcin Barański
Recent Authority Conflicts between the Court of Justice of the European Union and EU Member State Constitutional Courts
Panel #84Protecting or privileging historical narratives through law and its limitsChair: Uladzislau BelavusauNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Aleksandra Gliszczyńska-Grabias
Rehabilitation of historical figures in the context of memory laws
Grażyna Baranowska
Protecting the good name of the nation as a memory law
Anna Wójcik
Limiting freedom of expression in backsliding democracies in the context of historical policy
Paula Fischer
A Militant Court? The Case Law of the ECtHR on Genocide Denial through the Lens of 'Militant Democracy’
Mirosław Sadowski
International Institutions Between Cultural Heritage and Collective Memory: ICC and the Al Mahdi Case
Panel #85The European Union and the Current Challenges of Migration FlowsChair: Marta Prata DomingosNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Sérgio Tavares Marques
Externalising the EU’s border management as intergovernmental setback and rights hampering
Luísa Ramos Naia
(In)security in ‘hotspots’: the problem of sexual violence
Marta Prata Domingos
What could the invasion of Ukraine mean for the future of solidarity between EU Member States?
Panel #86Constitutional Law in the age of PolarizationChair: Gila StoplerNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Iddo Porat
Polarization – A Comparative Perspective
moshe cohen eliya
The private-public divide in the age of polarization
Gila Stopler
Panel #87Sustainability as a transboundary conceptChair: Konrad LachmayerNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Tamara Favaro
Public guarantees for private investment in sustainable development
Maria Bertel
No one has the final say? Realizing sustainability through constitutional principles
Andreas Müller
Domestic sustainability policies constrained by or as a constraint for international investment law?
Panel #88Constitutionalism and TimeChair: Massimo FicheraNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Massimo Fichera
Towards Communal Constitutionalism
Paul Linden-Retek
Post-nationalism as anti-reification: The European polity in time
Marta Maroni
The project of digital constitutionalism
Franco Peirone
The Time of the Law. The German Constitutional Court’s Ultra-spective Judgment
Laura Burgers
The Minimum Principle- Representation of Future Generations in Climate Litigation
Panel #89rule of law and democracy in the shadow of the pandemic: Central-European perspectivesChair: Fruzsina Gárdos-OroszNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Nóra Chronowski

Boldizsár Szentgáli-Tóth
Democracies in the shadow of the pandemic: elections during the public health emergency in the Visegrád countries
Boldizsár Szentgáli-Tóth

Kinga Kálmán

Evelin Burján
Unprecedented perspectives of comparative constitutional law: constitutional court case law during the Covid19 pandemic.
Zoltán Szente
How to measure the rule of law violations during emergency situations?
Konrad Lachmayer
Austrian Ambivalences in Addressing COVID-19
Monika Florczak-Wator
Angela Di Gregorio
Panel #90(How) Can Courts Strengthen Their Power In the Face of Democratic Decline?Chair: Stephen Gardbaum2nd Chair: Yaniv RoznaiNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Yvonne Tew
Strategic Judicial Empowerment
Vicente Benítez
Powerful Courts and Democratic Erosion: A Conceptual and Explanatory Approach
Mariana Velasco
Towering judges and democratic erosion: Evidence from Mexico
Andrea Katz
Defending the Defenders: Enhancing the Capacities of American Militant Democracy
Sergio Verdugo
How Can Judges Challenge Dictators and Get Away With It?
Day 2 | July 5 | Diversity Reception | 19:00-21:00 -
This Session has no contents (yet)
Day 3 | July 6 | LBGTQ+ Breakfast | 9:00-10:00 -
This Session has no contents (yet)
Day 3 | July 6 | Panel Session VII | 10:00-11:30 -
Panel #91National Health Policy and Health RightsChair: Mariam BegadzeNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Renata Deskoska
Balancing health protection and democratic elections: North Macedonia during COVID-19
Mariam Begadze
Yoav Dotan
Israeli High Court of Justice in Coronavirus Times – The Model of Soft, Continuous Judicial Review amidst Political and Constitutional Turmoil
Frédéric Bouhon
The Belgian legal reaction to the covid-19 pandemic: an overview
Panel #92Constitutional Theory IIChair: Juan José Janampa Almora No room assigned yet
Paper Title
Eduardo Moreira
Best Fitting in a Constitutional Democracy
Juan José Janampa Almora
Can we consider the constitutional pre-commitment mechanism appropriate for the defense of a constitutional theory?
Gniewomir Wycichowski-Kuchta
Critique of forms of life as a perspective for critical constitutionalism
Alex Layden
Formal, Informal and Real Constitutions: The Various Expressions of Constitutional Norms
Candace Terman
Ireland and the United States: Two Tales of Natural-Law Constitutionalism
Panel #93The Future of FootballChair: Miguel MaduroNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Floris de Witte
Heritage and Change in European Football
Antoine Duval
The Future of the Transfer System: Time for the European Union to close the Mercato?
Daniela Heerdt
Abuse Cases in Football of the Past and Future
Jan Zglinski
Protecting European Football: What the EU Can Do
Panel #94The European Union IChair: Stefania Baroncelli No room assigned yet
Paper Title
Stefania Baroncelli
Differentiation and Democracy in the Economic and Monetary European Union
Polly Ruth Polak
If You Leave Me Now: The Possible Outcomes of Cases C-156/21 and C-157/21
Alberto Nicotina
The role of National Parliaments in EU law-making: “efficiency” and “legitimacy” approaches
Panel #95Equality and legality in fundamental rights protection: case studiesChair: Afonso BrásNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Benedita Menezes Queiroz

Marta Vicente
Are women “offside”? Achieving gender parity in sports dispute settlement
Tiago Fidalgo de Freitas
The legality of the limitations to fundamental rights in the jurisprudence of the pandemic of the Portuguese Supreme Administrative Court
Mariana Melo Egídio
Executive rule-making powers in a pandemic context -democracy with flaws?
Panel #96Effectiveness of the Polish Constitution in the context of contemporary challengesChair: Maciej SerowaniecNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Wojciech Włoch
Constitutional Efficiency and Aretology: Kelsen's Question and Aristotelian Answer
Aleksandra Kustra-Rogatka
Effective environmental constitutionalism
Jacek Wantoch-Rekowski

Paweł Majka
The requirement of high legislative standards for real estate tax in the light of jurisprudence of the Constitutional Tribunal
Wojciech Morawski
“Old” constitutional principles on tax law clarity in the post-BEPS era – tax system efficiency above all else?
Dorota Lis-Staranowicz

Kamila Doktór-Bindas
Effectiveness of the principle of direct application of constitution: in theory and judicial practice
Maciej Serowaniec
Constitutional and human rights standards v. effectiveness of the tax system in the light of the jurisprudence of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal
Panel #97Values militancy and the East-West divide: the limits of constitutional tolerance in the EUChair: Samo Bardutzky2nd Chair: Hent KalmoNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Hent Kalmo
The European Union as a club: the case for and against uniform values
Fruzsina Gárdos-Orosz
Building (populist) constitutionalism on post-communist grounds – Hungary
Signe Rehling Larsen
The European Union as 'Militant Democracy'?
Damjan Kukovec
The Origins of the Crisis of Common Values of the Union
Samo Bardutzky
Where to look for values of a post-communist constitutionalism?
Panel #98Freedom of assembly: facing historical challenges and threats of the presentChair: Anna TarnowskaNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Marta Baranowska
Horizons of freedom in the political world. On the freedom of the state, assembly, and speech in the context of Niccolò Machiavelli's republicanism.
Michał Gałędek
Freedom of assembly in the constitutional Congress Poland
Tomasz Kucharski
The right to assembly in Poland between 1920-1981 – legal provisions and administration practice. Few remarks on the usefulness of historical research for present-day constitutional law.
Lóránt Csink
Contemporary Issues of Freedom of Assembly in Hungary
Tomasz Brzezicki

Anna Tarnowska
Freedom of assembly between rationing and expression: post-transformational law in Poland
Agnieszka Bień-Kacała
Panel #99The EU and the climate challenge: policy, finance, litigationChair: Maurizia De BellisNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Maurizia De Bellis
The European Green Deal: changing the trajectory of EU integration?
Nathan de Arriba-Sellier
Sustainability and the Rebuilding of EU Financial Regulation
Rui Lanceiro
Climate change litigation: are courts going to save the world?
Panel #100Towards a new separation of powers? Institutional flexibility and rigidity in international and domestic public lawChair: Joana MendesNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Nico Krisch
The Liquid Powers of International Institutions
Michaela Hailbronner
Institutional flexibility and its limitations in times of crisis
Andrea Scoseria Katz
Electing Rigidity over Liquid Power: Formalism, Minimalism, and Anti-Statism in the American Judiciary
Roberto Gargarella
Executive powers, democracy and participation (substitutes) in Latin America
Panel #101Global Problems in a Latin-American Legal Context: Perspectives of Early-Career Scholars informed by Reason and FaithChair: Felicia CaponigriNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Juan Pablo Albán-Alencastro
Addressing the problem of enforced disappearances in the context of migration
María Paz Madrid
Mexico’s and Argentina’s educational system: The case of unitary federalism
Bernardo Pulido Márquez
(Il)legitimate elections: A case study of a constitutional framework allowing electoral processes to undermine stable democracies
Carlos J Bichet Nicoletti
Pandemic governance and enforcement mechanisms in the context of international human rights law: The case of the procedure for monitoring compliance with decisions at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights
Panel #102Trends in Constitutional Review in AfricaChair: Christina MurrayNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Markus Böckenförde
Same same but different: Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendment Review in Anglophone (Kenya) and Francophone (Benin) Africa (working title)
Berihun Gebeye
Judicial Review and Presidential Elections in Africa
Omar Hammady
Constitutional Courts in time of Conflict: Examples from North Africa
Panel #103Perspectives on Digital ConstitutionalismChair: Erik LongoNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Sofia Ranchordas
Digital Citizenship and Digital Twins
Francisco de Abreu Duarte

Giovanni De Gregorio
The Boomerang Effect: A Cross-Atlantic Approach to Content Moderation
Madalena Narciso
Online Platforms as Gatekeepers of Private Information
Moritz Schramm
The Emulation Paradox in Digital Constitutionalism
Day 3 | July 6 | Panel Session VIII | 11:45-13:15 -
Panel #104The European Union IIChair: Valentina VolpeNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Dominik Łukowiak
‘Next Generation EU’ in the context of the budgetary balance
Valentina Volpe
Rethinking Europe: War, Values, Identity
Bettina Steible
The CJEU and the permanence of the Copenhagen criteria
Mário Barata
Panel #105Rights and WrongsChair: Jessika EichlerNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Sarah Ganty
‘A Right to the Effective Access to Rights’: a Pleonasm?
Vikram Narayan
Clash of rights jurisprudence: the unintended consequence of transformative constitutionalism
Melanie Maurer
Equality and Liberty: A Reciprocal Relationship
Jessika Eichler
Questioning Equality Orders: Contextualising Equality amidst the Multiplicity of Legal Orders
Saoirse Enright
The Derivative Rights Doctrine: A Means to Safeguard Democracy From The Bench?
Panel #106Reimagining GenderChair: Vendula MezeiováNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Izabela Magdalena Schiffauer

Marcin Łączak
Enforcement of Non-Discrimination Law and Sexual Minority Rights in the EU: Evidence from Poland
Vendula Mezeiová

Anna Durnová
Law, Emotions and Gendered Public Discourse: A Debate on Ban of Fathers’ Presence at Childbirth
Audrey Boisgontier
Smash the binary? States’ Gender Diversity Recognition versus Gender Backlash
Ido Katri
Transitions in Sex Reclassification Law
Panel #107Objectivity, Proportionality, and BalancingChair: Virgilio Afonso Da Silva No room assigned yet
Paper Title
Juha Tuovinen
Balancing, the Separation of Powers and Theorization
Ori Aronson

Julia Elad-Strenger

Thomas Kessler

Yuval Feldman
Does Personalization of Officeholders Undermine the Legitimacy of the Office? On Perceptions of Objectivity in Legal Decision-Making
Zdeněk Červínek
Proportionality, Balancing and Legal Certainty: Deflecting the Ad Hoc Objection
Virgilio Afonso Da Silva
Seems like proportionality, but it is not, it’s just balancing
Panel #108Law During and After the PandemicChair: Katarzyna ŁakomiecNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Katarzyna Łakomiec
‘Gateway Vaccine’: Will the COVID-19 pandemic change the approach to health data processing?
Tanja Cerruti
Compel, condition or persuade? Vaccines in the dialectic between public power and individual self-determination
Ropafadzo Maphosa
Reflections on the Role of the Judiciary during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Self-estranged parliaments: lack of proactivity in times of public health crises
Ilona Schembri
The Impact of Pandemics on Contract Law since 1900
Panel #109Constitutionalism in PolandChair: Kamil Jonski No room assigned yet
Paper Title
Mikolaj Barczentewicz

Marcin Matczak
Constitutionally conforming interpretation in Poland
Ryszard Piotrowski
Dilemmas of constitutional necessity. Remarks on Polish experience
Kamil Jonski
How It’s All Come Undone? Legitimacy of Polish Constitutional Tribunal and 2016 Constitutional Crisis
Panel #110Public Prosecutors in Europe: Questioning Their Independence to Foster Trust and Achieve Effective EnforcementChair: Vanessa FranssenNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Simone Rivabella
Independence of Prosecutors and Rule of Law: An EU Perspective
Jannemieke Ouwerkerk

Sjarai Lestrade
Public Prosecution Services in the Netherlands: How Independent Are They?
Frank Verbruggen
Unexpected Agreement between Belgium and Spain on an ‘Independence Movement’: a New Criminal Procedure Requiring a More Independent Prosecution Service
Vanessa Franssen
The EPPO’s Independence: A Guarantee for More Effective Protection of the Union’s Financial Interests?
Panel #111Gender and illiberal constitutionalism from the Polish ang Hungarian perspectiveChair: Mathias MöschelNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Lídia Balogh

Tímea Drinóczi
Women, sexual orientation, gender identity and constitutional changes in Hungary
Karolina Kocemba
Right-Wing Legal Mobilization in Central and Eastern Europe. Example of Poland
Anna Śledzińska-Simon
Between continuity and change of constitutional and gender regimes in Poland: the case of illiberal constitutionalism.
Barbara Grabowska-Moroz
Panel #112Weimar Moments IV: The Past and Future of Transformative ConstitutionalismChair: Matthias Goldmann2nd Chair: Ana Micaela AlterioNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Mariana Canotilho
The Portuguese Constitution: between past and present, openness and national identity
Tomasz Koncewicz
The Polish Weimar Moments and the Constitutional Crisis
James Fowkes
The price of constitutionalism: Transformative constitutionalism and economic success in global perspective
Carlos Herrera
The Weimar Constitution and Transformative Constitutionalism Today
Panel #113REPRESENTANCE IN CRISIS. How psychoanalysis can fertilize the Law.Chair: Maria Gabriella Pediconi2nd Chair: Alessio Lo GiudiceNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Chiara Alvisi
Drive and Agency: a Private Law Investigation
Maria Gabriella Pediconi

Glauco Maria Genga
Representance as a norm of psychic life. Freudian roots.
Alessio Lo Giudice
The Representation of the Unity in the Modern Order of the Discourse. (Discussant)
Alberto Andronico
The Power without Unconscious. The Representation in the Age of Governance (Discussant)
Irene Lilliu

Maria Gabriella Pediconi
Collective Bodies in criminal trials. Repercussions on the individual dimension. (Discussant)
Panel #114Commons, space and legal agencies.  Mapping rural, urban and environmental commonalityChair: Maria Francesca De TullioNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Lotta Aho
Legal action as collective agency to protect climate
Maria Francesca De Tullio
Urban commons and privatisation of public spaces. What is new with the Next Generation EU?
Alima El Bajnouni
How inhabitants of a city can take part in the definition and the “co-gestion” of public policies regarding commons patterns
Daniela Festa
Dwelling the commons to preserve the right to the city
Raquel Prado
Commons as a “traditional-disruptive” model on territory management and service of public economic interest provision
Panel #115The Future of Political Parties in Constitutional DemocraciesChair: Niels PetersenNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Emanuel Towfigh
The Party Paradox
Samuel Issacharoff
From Party Decline to New Democratic Politics
Renata Uitz
Amnon Reichman
Political Parties and Judicial Review: Structure, Finance and Ideology
Sujit Choudhry
Panel #116Normalizing transnational crises: Between adaptation and transformation of the EU constitutional orderChair: Claudia CinnirellaNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Nicola Bergamaschi
The EU legal order in a new world: between “strategic autonomy” and “normative autonomy”
Claudia Cinnirella
From the taboo of the “Transfer Union” to the goal of the “Fiscal Union”: The normalization of financial solidarity within the EU Budget
Giuseppe Emanuele Corsaro
Normalizing Deposit Guarantee Schemes’ alternative measures as solution to banking crisis
Marco Fisicaro
The Normalisation of Conditionality in EU Internal Governance: What Implications for Solidarity?
Giuliano Vosa
‘Emergency Media Law’ throughout the Three Crises: The Evolution of ‘Fake News’ Towards an Ambiguous Normalization?
Giovanni Zaccaroni
Are Disruptive Technologies Disruptive Enough? Regulating Blockchain Technology in the European Union
Panel #117Constitutional Identity as a Catalyst for Conflicts between Constitutions and International Human Rights Law?Chair: Stijn SmetNo room assigned yet
Paper Title
Ignatius Yordan Nugraha
‘Belief in One God’: Religious Constitutional Identity vs the Rights of Religious and Sexual Minorities in Indonesia
Tommaso Virgili
Constitutional identity or constitutional rights? Islamic constitutionalism and the rights of gays and freethinkers in Egypt and Tunisia
Kriszta Kovács
The jurisprudence of particularism: national identity claims in Central Europe
Harriet Ní Chinnéide
A ‘Catholic’ Constitutional Identity and the Legalization of Abortion in Ireland
Stijn Smet
Panel #118Recent Constitutional Dynamics in AfricaChair: Katrin Seidel No room assigned yet
Paper Title
to be determined to be determined
to be determined
Ochiel Dudley
An Insider’s View: Assessing the Real Impact of the Kenyan Supreme Court BBI Verdict
Zemelak Ayele
The law and politics of internal secession: The Ethiopian experience in comparative perspective
Christina Murray
The role of constitution making in ending conflict: the case of South Sudan
Sfiso Benard Nxumalo
The Vanishing Jurisprudence of Constitutional Damages in South Africa
Day 3 | July 6 | Plenary Session: Migration | 14:15-15:45 -
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Day 3 | July 6 | Fora and Interest Groups | 16:15-17:45 -
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Day 3 | July 6 | Closing Ceremony | 18:00-20:00 -
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