Maltese Chapter

1. There shall be established in Malta a Maltese Chapter within the International Society of Public Law with the aim of pursuing the mission of the International Society of Public law, hereinafter called “ICON•S within Malta”.

2. The aims and functions of the Chapter shall be:

a. to promote the vision, mission, aims and values of ICON•S, in particular, to spread knowledge of comparative public law in Malt, and promote inter-disciplinary activities and studies, including areas of subjects related directly or indirectly to public law such as political science, political theory, history, and socio-legal studies,  through such means as seminars,  conferences,  meetings,  publications and the drafting of specialized reports;

b. to keep abreast of developments in public law and related subjects on the international plane and to spread amongst scholars, professionals, and students in Malta, such developments;

c. to enhance regional co-operation with institutions related to the teaching of public law and related subjects, particularly in the  Mediterranean region;

d. to promote knowledge about public law and related subjects in Malta, its development in several spheres, and the possibility of reform in such areas;

e. to ensure gender balance in the composition and management of all organs of the Chapter and in the activities organized by it;

f. to establish contacts with international organizations specializing in public law and communicate an annual survey of the Chapter’s activities to the ICON•S Executive Committee;

g. to give particular  importance to the participation of young people interested  in the subject of public law and related subjects, and encourage  their activities, proposals, and ideas:

h. to prepare reviews of developments in Maltese public law to be published in the ICON•S net blog; and

i. to promote membership of ICON•S.

3. The Chapter shall be governed by a Board composed of five to nine members and at least forty percent shall be female.  The Board shall elect amongst its members two co-chairs  one male and one female.

4. The members of the Board shall be elected every two years in a general meeting convened in the first week of December of every two years. All registered members of the Chapter shall be entitled to vote.

5. The Board may convene an extraordinary general conference of its members.

6. Any decision by the Board shall be approved by at least two-thirds of all its members  .

7. Membership shall be open to:

a. public law scholars and lecturers; academics, graduate students ;

b. final year students of any academic discipline who express an interest in public law from Malta or from any other institution outside Malta, who have expressed an interest in Malta and

c. any LL.D. or M. Adv. graduate who shows an interest in public law.

8. All members are to be approved by the Board.

9. A Register shall be kept by the Secretary-General of all members admitted to the Chapter.

10. Members admitted to the Chapter shall bind themselves to join ICON•S and pay the annual subscription fee within six months of admission.

11. The founding members of the Chapter are

  • Professor Kevin Aquilina, former Dean of the Faculty of Laws, University of Malta and Head of Media, Communications, and Technology Law Department
  • Dr Ivan Mifsud LL.D. Ph.D Dean of the Faculty of Laws and Head, Public Law Department, Faculty of Laws University of Malta
  • Dr Tonio Borg LL.D. Ph.D K.O.M., resident academic public law senior lecturer, Faculty of Laws, University of Malta
  • Austin Bencini senior lecturer Public Law
  • Dr Therese Comodini Cachia LL.D. Ph.D. lecturer in public law
  • Dr Jelena Agronovska Ph.D. (London) Lecturer in European and Comparative Law

12. This statute may be amended by a resolution approved by a unanimous vote of the Board or a majority of those present and voting at a General Conference.