ICON•S Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy

1. AntiSexual Harassment Officer: The Society shall appoint an Anti- Sexual Harassment Officer from among the members of the Council or other senior members of ICON•S, and notify members of the contact details for this person on the Society’s website. Preference shall be given in making this appointment to female members of the Society;

2. Home policies to govern:  All members of ICON•S shall comply with the anti harassment and discrimination policies of their home institution, or research institute, while attending ICON-S events and meetings, and interacting in ICON•S fora whether online or in person;

3. NYU policies to govern in other cases, as if ICON•S policy: Any members of ICON•S who are:

a. Not members of a university or research institute;

b. From a university or research institute that does not have such a policy, or

c. whose policy

i. does not cover their conduct while attending ICON•S events and meetings, or in interacting in ICON•S fora whether online or in person, or

ii. is patently inadequate or unreasonable as a policy in the judgment of the ICON•S Anti-Sexual Harassment Officer, and taking account of the standard contained in NYU’s harassment policy, which is the Society’s policy, or

iii. in the judgment of the ICON•S Anti-Sexual Harassment Officer conflicts with the policies of another ICON•S member involved in an instance involving alleged harassment, or conflicts with the NYU Anti-Harassment policy

shall be required to comply with the substance of the Anti-harassment and Non-discrimination policy of New York University (NYU), as if that policy applied to them while attending ICON•S events and meetings, or in interacting in ICON•S fora whether online or in person : https://www.nyu.edu/about/policies-guidelines-compliance/policies-and-guidelines/anti-harassment-policy-and-complaint-procedures.html NYU policy shall not apply in this context as NYU policy. Rather, it applies as part a policy of ICON•S, which picks up and applies the substance of NYU policy as the basis for its own independent policy.

4. Complaints: Any ICON•S member may enforce this policy by reporting an alleged breach to a member’s home institution or research institute and/or the ICON•S Executive Committee, via the Society’s Secretary-General. Prior to doing so, a member may also consult formally or informally with the Society’s Sexual Harassment Officer. The Executive Committee itself may also initiate such a report or its own investigative process.

5. Procedures: In responding to any allegation of a breach of this policy, which is not being dealt with or dealt with satisfactorily by a member’s home institution, the ICON•S Executive Committee shall:

a. appoint an ad hoc committee to deal with the relevant allegation(s);

b. follow procedures that promote values of fairness, transparency and due process for both alleged perpetrators and complainants; and

c. recommend an appropriate sanction for any proven breach of the policy, which may include the temporary or permanent suspension of a member from the Society and its activities.

6. Review: The ICON•S Council shall review this policy and the need to amend the policy no later than 3 years after the adoption of this policy.