The interest group in Climate Change and migration provides a forum for collaborative research on domestic, regional, and international policy and legal responses to issues lying at the intersection of climate change and migration.

As the climate crisis intensifies, its impact on the environment, livelihoods, and communities becomes increasingly apparent. Rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and environmental degradation are irreversibly displacing populations and rendering once-habitable areas uninhabitable. This phenomenon poses immediate humanitarian challenges and has far-reaching implications for social, economic, and political stability globally. The mass movement of people due to climate-induced factors amplifies existing vulnerabilities and creates new ones, in addition to triggering conflicts due to the scarcity of land and resources.

The impact of climate change on the movement of people raises pressing questions about the management of climate-induced migration by national authorities and the protection of climate migrants. The relevance of this issue lies in its potential to reshape geopolitical dynamics, challenge legal frameworks requiring collaborative solutions that transcend borders.

The interest group aims to create a collaborative and knowledge-sharing platform for scholars and active members interested in the critical issue of climate change and migration, to facilitate robust collaboration and exchange of ideas and organise research events.

A key objective is to promote research on policy and legal responses to displacement resulting from climate change and investigate the interaction between domestic, regional, and international responses. By fostering collaborative research within and across regional subgroups, the group aims to identify and generate a deeper understanding of adequate legal responses to issues lying at the intersection of climate change and migration.

Given the centrality of regionalisation in developing appropriate and targeted responses to the specific challenges within different geographical and social contexts, the group also aims to create regional subgroups and foster comparative research.

Upcoming chapter events, projects, and activities

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