Portuguese Chapter

Portuguese Chapter Manifesto

The Portuguese chapter of the International Society of Public Law aims at representing a forum for inter- and cross-disciplinary debate concerning public law developments, and a bridge connecting Portuguese, Portuguese-speaking, European, and other international scholars in the field.

The challenges currently faced by public law scholars in the context of a changing multilateral international legal order, the debate on the future of the European Union, and the development of public law in Portugal and the Portuguese speaking countries require a growing dialogue and scholarly debate. The values of democracy, rule of law, and human rights should be cherished and promoted in this context. The approach is based on a cooperative dialogue between Constitutional, Administrative, European and International Law fields and also Legal Theory – and also between junior and senior scholars from different backgrounds and diverse points of view. It also promotes approaches capable of contextualizing legal phenomena, thus integrating legal analysis with insights and methodologies from the social sciences.

In so doing, the Portuguese chapter aims at offering a space for legal scholarship to deepen its involvement in the public law debates taking place on a global scale and encourages dialogue with scholars from different legal traditions. It, therefore, welcomes young scholars and practitioners from Law and other social sciences to take part in what we hope will be a vibrant exchange.

Art. 1. Mission

1. The aim of the Portuguese Chapter is to pursue the mission of ICON-S within Portugal.

2. The Chapter is established in order to:

a) Promote the mission and the values of ICON-S. In particular, the commitment to an inter-disciplinary approach to public law that engages constitutional, administrative, European Union and international law scholars and practitioners so as to better understand global and transnational legal developments;
b) Advance and promote the fundamental constitutional values of democracy, rule of law, liberty, equality, justice, and human rights;
c) Encourage the engagement of junior scholars and scholars from the Global South with the work of ICON-S;
d) Provide a unique forum for the discussion of public law relationships within and between Portugal, the Portuguese speaking countries and regions, and the European Union at a time of significant change;
e) Cooperate with, while remaining distinct from, existing national and regional organizations;
f) Elaborate year-in-reviews of developments in Portuguese Public Law, to be published in the ICONnect blog.

3. The Chapter shall:

a) Be organized in a way that reflects ICON-S commitments to transparency, accountability and good governance, as well as equality and diversity;
b) Regularly disseminate notice of its events and activities via ICONnect, and communicate an annual summary of its activities to the ICON-S Executive Committee;
c) Be subject in its scope, governance and membership, to periodic reviews (approximately every 3 years) by the members of the ICON-S Executive Committee, with the possibility of being asked by the Executive Committee to dissolve, reconstitute or alter the scope and membership;
d) Promote joining ICON-S and paying the ICON-S annual membership fee;
e) Submit to ICON-S information on its activities, which will, where appropriate, be featured on the ICON-S website.


Art. 2. Governance of the Chapter

1. The Chapter will be governed by the following organs:

a. Two co-chairs, with executive functions.
b. A General Council, which will provide advice to the co-chairs in accordance with this Charter.

2. The identity of the co-chairs and the composition of the General Council shall reflect the chapter’s commitment to gender equality and diversity in governance.


Art. 3. Co-chairs

1. The two co-chairs will be elected by secret ballot, by majority vote of the General Council of the Chapter, from among its members.

2. The two co-chairs will hold office for 3 years, with one possible reelection.

3. The two co-chairs must be of a different gender and shall be affiliated to different institutions. Only ICON-S members can be co-chairs.

4. Each year, the two co-chairs will communicate an annual summary of their activities to the ICON-S Executive Committee, to the Chapter’s General Council, and to the members of the Chapter.


Art. 4. General Council of the Chapter

1. Membership of the General Council will be based on excellence in public law scholarship. The composition of the General Council will have regard to the need to ensure both continuity of experience and change of perspective within the Council as a whole.

2. The General Council will be elected by secret ballot, by all the members of the Chapter.

3. The members of the General Council will hold a term of four years. They may be elected for up to two additional terms.

4. Elections will take place every two years for half of the members of the General Council.

5. The number of members on the General Council shall not exceed 15.

6. The General Council will function as an advisory board for the two co-chairs.

7. In order to ensure the rotation of membership provided in (4), the term of half of the members of the first General Council of the Chapter, chosen by draw, will be of two years.


Art. 5. Membership of the Chapter

Based on his or her merits as a public lawyer, the candidates will have to be approved by the two co-chairs and at least one member of the General Council.

Art. 6. Rights and duties of all members

All members of the Chapter as well as of the General Council have the following rights and duties:

a) Join ICON-S and pay the ICON-S annual membership fee.
b) Promote the mission and values of ICON-S.
c) Participate in the activities of the Chapter and in its governance.


Art. 7. National Conference

The Portuguese Chapter will organize a national conference each year, based on a call addressed both to junior and senior scholars. For this purpose, it can work with existing national and regional organizations. The annual conference will be held during a different month than that in which the ICON-S annual meeting is held, preferably before it.


Art. 8. Amendments

The Chapter rules can be amended by a majority vote among the two co-chairs and the members of the General Council.


Founding Members

Mariana Canotilho (University of Minho)

Rui Tavares Lanceiro (University of Lisbon)

Afonso Patrão (University of Coimbra)

Anabela Leão (University of Porto)

Ana Rita Gil (New University of Lisbon)

Andreia Sofia Oliveira (University of Minho)

António Manuel Abrantes (Portuguese Catholic University, Lisbon)

Benedita Mac Crorie (University of Minho)

Catarina Santos Botelho (Portuguese Catholic University, Oporto)

Francisco Pereira Coutinho (New University of Lisbon)

Jorge Silva Sampaio (University of Lisbon)

Luísa Neto (University of Porto)

Luís Meneses do Vale (University of Coimbra)

Pedro Moniz Lopes (University of Lisbon)

Rui Pereira Dias (University of Coimbra)

Teresa Violante (Goethe U. Frankfurt / New University of Lisbon)