Italian Chapter

The aim of the Italian Chapter is to pursue the mission of ICON-S within Italy. Read here the Manifesto of the Italian Chapter.

The Chapter is established in order to:

  1. Promote the mission and the values of ICON-S. In particular, the commitment to an inter-disciplinary approach to public law that engages constitutional, administrative and international law scholars and practitioners so as to better understand global and transnational legal developments;
  2. Promote knowledge of public law and membership in the organization;
  3. Encourage the engagement of junior scholars with the work of ICON-S;
  4. Cooperate with, while remaining distinct from, existing national and regional organizations;
  5. Elaborate year-in-reviews of developments in Italian Public Law, to be published in the ICONnect blog;
  6. Communicate an annual summary of its activities to the ICON-S Executive Committee;
  7. Be subject in its scope, governance and membership, to periodic reviews (approximately every 3 years) by the members of the ICON-S Executive Committee, with the possibility of being asked by the Executive Committee to dissolve, reconstitute or alter the scope and membership;
  8. Promote joining ICON-S and paying the ICON-S annual membership fee;
  9. Submit to ICON-S information on the Chapter activities, which will, where appropriate, be featured on the ICON-S website.

Read here the Charter of the Italian Chapter.

The Italian chapter has organized two annual conferences, in Rome (November 23-24, 2018) and in Florence (November 22-23, 2019). The third annual conference will take place in Bologna on September 16-17, 2022.


Founding members:
Marta Cartabia
Lorenzo Casini
Sabino Cassese
Marco D’Alberti
Daria de Pretis
Nicola Lupo
Giulio Napolitano
Cesare Pinelli
Nicola Selvaggi
Andrea Simoncini
Diletta Tega
Luisa Torchia

Co-Chairs 2022 – 2025
Diletta Tega
Lorenzo Casini

Secretaries General

Marta Morvillo
Maria Giusti
Anna Pirri Valentini

General Council
Giuliano Amato
Adelina Adinolfi
Carla Barbati
Benedetta Barbisan
Stefania Bariatti
Vittoria Barsotti
Stefano Battini
Roberto Bin
Mia Caielli
Donatella Campus
Beniamino Caravita
Lorenzo Casini
Sabino Cassese
Marco D’Alberti
Daria de Pretis
Giacinto della Cananea
Mariavaleria del Tufo
Chiara Favilli
Carlo Fusaro
Michele Graziadei
Tania Groppi
Elisabetta Lamarque
Massimo Luciani
Luca Luparia
Nicola Lupo
Barbara Marchetti
Roberto Mastroianni
Bernardo Giorgio Mattarella
Antonella Meniconi
Andrea Morrone
Stefania Ninatti
Irene Papa
Cesare Pinelli
Oreste Pollicino
Nicola Selvaggi
Paola Severino
Gaetano Silvestri
Andrea Simoncini
Antonello Tancredi
Diletta Tega
Luisa Torchia
Francesco Viganò
Lorenza Violini

Activities Report