ICON•S created an annual Book Prize to recognize an outstanding book or books in the field of public law. Books can be nominated by members of the Society’s Executive Committee and Council, groups of at least three ICON•S members, book review editors of academic journals, and publishers. Following an open Call for Nomination, the Book Prize Committee engages in a rigorous review of all nominated books and ultimately arrives at a decision under the leadership of a Committee Chair.

The first Book Prize was awarded at the 2018 Annual Conference of ICON•S and shared by two co-laureates for their outstanding books in public law. The winners are listed below. The list will grow with time as ICON•S continues to award this Book Prize on an annual basis.


Adam Chilton and Mila Versteeg, How Constitutional Rights Matter (Oxford University Press, 2020)

Special Mention: Dilek Kurban, Limits of Supranational Justice (Cambridge University Press, 2020)


Book Prize Winner 2020

Elisabetta Morlino, Procurement by International Organizations: A Global Administrative Law Perspective (Cambridge University Press, 2019)



Book Prize Winner 2019

Tom Ginsburg and Aziz Huq, How to Save Constitutional Democracy (Chicago University Press, 2018)


Book Prize Winner 2018

Yaniv Roznai, Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendments: The Limits of Amendment Powers (Oxford University Press, 2017)

Nimer Sultany, Law and Revolution: Legitimacy and Constitutionalism after the Arab Spring (Oxford University Press, 2018)