Working Papers

Conference Proceedings Series

The ICON-S WP Conference Proceedings Series features some of the papers presented at the Annual ICON-S Conferences in 2014 and 2015.

The ISSN is kindly provided by the Institute for Research on Public Administration (IRPA).

List of Working Papers

No. 01/2015
Sabino Cassese, An International Society of Public Law

No. 02/2015
Lorenzo Casini, International Regulation of Historic Buildings and Nationalism: The Role of UNESCO

No. 03/2015
Mark Thatcher, The development of the Nation-state, cultural nationalism and the protection of historic building: the cases of France and Italy

No. 04/2015
Robert O. Keohane, Nominal Democracy? Prospects for Democratic Global Governance

No. 05/2015
Javier Barnes, New Frontiers of Administrative Law: A Functional and Multi-Disciplinary Approach. Private Life of Administration – Public Life of Private Actors 

No. 06/2015
Fabio Di Cristina, Ex-ante Controls in Procurement Procedures: a Wild-goose Chase for Public Authorities? An EU Perspective 

No. 07/2015
Nico Krisch, Pouvoir Constituant and Pouvoir Irritant in the Postnational Order

No. 08/2015
Elisa D’Alterio, Integrity controls of public administrations from a global perspective: when the controllers are also controlled

No. 09/2015
Barbara L. Boschetti, The demand for land: rethinking land use management and regulation

No. 10/2015
Erik Longo and Andrea Pin, Don’t Waste Your Vote (Again!). The Italian Constitutional Court’s Decision on Election Laws: An Episode of Strict Comparative Scrutiny

No. 11/2015
Valbona Metaj, Constitutional identity: A comparative overview of the Italian and Albanian Constitution