African economic integration, constitutionalism, democracy, good governance and the role of civil society

As Africa moves towards enhanced economic integration, this will have implications to frameworks for the promotion of constitutionalism, democracy and good governance. Civil society organisations that have been at the forefront of the promotion of democracy and constitutionalism will therefore have to think through ways of integrating issues of continental trade with these values. In addition to exploring the interaction between economic integration and constitutional values, this paper will consider whether and how civil society contributed to the emergence of multilateralism in Africa and the extent to which they can contribute to its sustenance.

The Role of the Judiciary

The Judiciary is the fourth branch of government yet its role in constitutional change is rarely examined. In this paper I explore the action of courts and the consequences of judicial decisions for the recent emergence of democracy and multilateralism in Africa.

Comparing multilateralism in Africa and Europe

Can multilateralism in Africa be compared to multilateralism in the EU? TO what extent will it differ in, for example, its approach to migration and development? This paper will present the main aspects of the EU migration/ development nexus and consider how regional integration in Africa can adopt the same or different philosophy and policies. Can such policies prevent the return of authoritarianism and promote multilateralism?