Pandemics and Covid-19 Litigation Project

The presentation will focus on the Covid-19 Litigation Project – a project of the University of Trento supported by the WHO aimed at organizing and presenting a worldwide collection of relevant cases concerning the disputes arisen from the governments’ adoption of public health measures to address the COVID-19 pandemic. The Global Pandemic Network is a partner of the Project.

Proposals for an International Convention on Pandemics

The presentation will focus on proposals for a new global treaty on pandemics will be examined and, in particular, the draft global convention advanced by CIDCE (International Center for Comparative Environmental Law) in collaboration with the Normandy Chair for Peace and the Global Pandemic Network will be presented.

Pandemics and International Research

The presentation will examine the importance of international research in the field of pandemic control and in particular will outline the project that led to the establishment of a new Instituite for Global Health Emergency Response (IGHER)