British and Irish Chapter

The aim of the British and Irish Chapter is to pursue the mission of ICON-S within Britain and Ireland.

The Chapter is established in order to:

  1. Promote the values of ICON-S, and in particular, the commitment to an inter-disciplinary approach to public law that engages constitutional, administrative and international law scholars and practitioners so as to better understand global and transnational legal developments;
  2. Advance and promote the fundamental constitutional values of democracy, equality, justice and human rights.
  3. Work with ICON-S to promote knowledge of and membership in the organization globally;
  4. Promote the capacity and engagement of junior scholars, and scholars from the Global South, within the work of ICON-S;
  5. Complement and work cooperatively with existing national and regional organizations, but remain distinct from them;
  6. Provide a unique forum for the discussion of constitutional relationships within and between Ireland, Britain and the European Union at a time of significant change.


The chapter shall:

  1. Be organized in a way that reflects ICON-S commitments to transparency, accountability and good governance, as well as equality and diversity;
  2. Regularly disseminate notice of its events and activities via ICONnect, and communicate an annual summary of its activities to the ICON-S Executive Committee;
  3. Be subject in its scope, governance and membership, to periodic reviews (approximately every 3 years) by the members of the ICON-S Executive Committee, with the possibility of being asked by the Executive Committee to dissolve, reconstitute or alter the scope and membership;
  4. Promote joining ICON-S and paying the ICON-S annual membership fee;
  5. Submit to ICON-S information on its activities, which will, where appropriate, be featured on the ICON-S website.


Governance of the Chapter: The Chapter will be governed by two co-chairs who will take decisions by agreement in consultation with the advisory board. One co-chair will be based at a university in Ireland; the other will be based at a university in Britain. The identity of the co-chairs and the advisory board shall reflect the chapter’s commitment to gender equality and diversity in governance. Only ICON-S members can be co-chairs. Each year, the two co-chairs will communicate an annual summary of their activities to the ICON-S Executive Committee, to the advisory board, and to the members of the Chapter. The advisory board will meet once each year.

Co-chairs: Co-chairs will hold office for 3 years with one possible reelection. Every three years the two co-chairs will be elected by majority vote of the members of the advisory board.

Membership of the advisory board: Membership of the advisory board will be based on excellence in public law scholarship. The two co-chairs, in consultation with the existing members of the advisory board, will appoint new members of the advisory board for a term of three years. Following the same process, a member of the board can be appointed for an additional term or terms. In deciding whether to reappoint a board member, the co-chairs will have regard to the need to ensure both continuity of experience and change of perspective within the board as a whole. A retiring co-chair will automatically become a member of the advisory board for a term of three years. The number of members of the advisory board shall not exceed 15.

Working groups: The co-chairs may establish working groups of the Chapter to organise events and activities.

 Rights and duties of advisory board members: All members of the advisory board have the following rights and duties:

  1. Join ICON-S and pay the ICON-S annual membership fee.
  2. Promote the mission and values of ICON-S.
  3. Participate in the activities of the Chapter.

Annual conference: The British and Irish Chapter will organize each year a national conference. For this purpose, it can work with existing national and regional organizations. The Chapter will also support other workshops, symposia and colloquia as considered appropriate by the co-chairs.

Amendments: The Chapter rules can be amended by a majority vote among the two co-chairs and the advisory board.

Activities Report 2016-2017