ICON·S Book Prize

The International Society for Public Law (ICON·S) is pleased to announce the launch of the International Society for Public Law Book Prize. In line with the Society’s mission, the prize will be awarded to an outstanding book in the field of public law, understood as a field of knowledge that transcends dichotomies between the national and the international as well as between Constitutional Law and Administrative Law. Preference will be given to scholarship which, in dealing with the challenges of public life and governance, combines elements from all of the above with a good dose of political theory and social science.

The first book prize will be awarded at the Society’s next annual meeting taking place on June 25-27, 2018 in Hong Kong to a book published in the two calendar years prior to the conference (2016-2017). The winner is selected by the Society’s Book Award Committee which for the period 2017-2018 consists of Anne Peters (chair), Jeff King, David Law, and Joana Mendes.

Eligibility criteria

Monographs on public law as defined above written in any language are eligible for nomination. Only books that are published up to two years prior to the year of the respective annual meeting are considered. The relevant criterion is the official publication year as stated in the book’s credentials (1st edition).

Nomination procedure

Members of the Executive Committee of the ICON·S and the Society’s Council, groups of at least three ICON·S members, book review editors of academic journals, as well as publishing houses are invited to nominate books. The Book Prize Committee will propose further books that have not been referred and that they consider particularly worthy of consideration. Please note that proposals coming directly from authors will not be considered.

Nominations can be made via e-mail, together with an up to 200 word long justification of the proposal, to icons@icon-society.org (reference: Book Prize, attn. of the chairperson of the Book Prize Committee). The deadline for the submission of nominations is the 31st of December 2017.

Please note that the nominators must send (or organize to have sent by publisher) four hardcopies (one for each member of the Book Prize Committee) until 31 January of the year of nomination directly to the members of the committee unless committee members specify that they do not need a hardcopy. E-Books or scans can substitute hardcopies after approval by chair. Failure to deliver the required number of hardcopies or substitutes will lead to non-consideration of the proposal.