Rehan Abeyratne

Dear ICON·S Members,

I am honored to be a nominee for the ICON·S Council alongside so many outstanding candidates. I currently serve as an Assistant Professor of Law at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. My research and teaching interests lie primarily in comparative constitutional law, with a regional focus on South Asia. Prior to joining CUHK, I held research and teaching posts in the United States, India, Australia, and Singapore, and would bring a truly international perspective to the Council. My full academic profile is available here and my publications may be accessed here.

I have made substantial contributions to ICON·S over the past few years. I presented papers at the last two annual conferences. I also organized the ICONnect Happy Hour in Hong Kong earlier this year. My article “Uncertain Sovereignty: Ceylon as a Dominion 1948-72” was accepted for publication in the I-CON Journal (forthcoming 2019) and I have authored several blog posts on I-CONnect, on topics ranging from socioeconomic rights to judicial independence.

Earlier this year, I convened and edited a Hong Kong Constitutional Law student series. Students in my first-year Hong Kong Constitutional Law course, working in groups of four, identified a political or social problem in Hong Kong, framed it in constitutional terms, and devised possible solutions. They wrote up their findings in 1,000-word posts, which were then published on ICONnect.

If elected, I would continue to work to introduce new voices to our global public law discourse, including younger scholars and students. I would add to the diversity of the Council in several ways, including as a representative of Hong Kong and Sri Lanka (my country of origin), and push for greater Global South and Asian representation in ICON·S.

With sincere thanks,