Oran Doyle

I am an associate professor in Trinity College Dublin and have held visiting positions in Boston College, the Academia Sinica Taipei, Bocconi University Milan, and Keio University Tokyo. ICON·S has played an important role in helping me develop as a scholar of comparative constitutional law, expanding from my previous focus on Irish constitutional law. This occurred partly through participation in symposia and the annual conference, but as importantly through friendships and informal conversations. I am running for a seat on the Council so that I can help the Society play this role for others, continuing the formation of international public law as an intellectually diverse and rigorous field of study.

I have already contributed to the mission of ICON·S through the establishment of the British-Irish Chapter of the Society, of which I am now co-chair. I co-convened a symposium on constitutional silence, the papers from which are published in the current volume of ICON. I also co-convened the inaugural conference of the Chapter in Dublin in 2017 and we are organising the next Chapter conference for Strathclyde in April 2019. I sit on a working group that reviews applications for the establishment of new Chapters and am privileged to be a mentor to the newly established Nigerian Chapter.

The next stage of the Society’s development will require the continued success of the annual conferences, alongside the creation of more national and regional Chapters that spread the mission of ICON·S in an open-ended spirit of scholarly inquiry and debate. From my existing role working with ICON·S Chapters and having served for four years as the Head of my own Law School, I have developed a wide range of leadership and organisational skills, which I hope to deploy for the benefit of ICON·S through this role.