Michal Tamir

Prof. Michal Tamir

Who am I? – President of the Israeli Law and society Association (ILSA); Associate Professor at the Academic Center for Law and Science; Adjunct Professor at the Hebrew University and Bar-Ilan University; living and breathing constitutional law, administrative law and criminal procedure; a single mother; a yoga teacher.

My Visioninfluence! ICON-S as a community that influences legal systems around the globe and affects societies in an age of vanishing democracies, persecuted minorities and environmental challenges.

How? In addition to the annual conference I suggest organizing smaller-scale meetings such as workshops on specific issues and comparative workshops. The combination of a large-scale conference and smaller-scale thinking groups has the potential to consolidate the community and enrich its activities.

Why me?

Experience:  In June, I will conclude my term as President of ILSA. During my tenure, I gained an experience in organizing international conferences and I would be very happy to contribute to the ICON-S Organization

Holistic Approach to Public Law:  My research characterized by a holistic approach to public law and to its relations with public policy. I attempt to identify both existing and desirable relationships between areas of public law. I work with interdisciplinary materials and tools of comparative law. I pay particular attention to human rights, especially the right to equality.

Record of Influence:  my writings are cited by the Israeli Supreme Court and have contributed to legal precedents. For example, the thesis of the book Selective Enforcement which developed for the first time in Israel the doctrine of selective enforcement has been adopted in a large number of Supreme Court decisions; The article Equality of Gays and Lesbians in Israel, written at a time when the rights of gays and lesbians had not been rooted in a clear doctrine, was widely cited in important rulings of the Supreme Court and family courts.



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