Mariolina Eliantonio

I chose to become a candidate in the ICON·S Council because I truly believe in the Society’s global and cross-disciplinary ambitions.

My own institution, Maastricht University, has been, since very early on, a pioneer in the teaching and research of international, European and comparative law. Its Law Faculty has recognized since more than 15 years that national law cannot be taught and studied separately from European law, that comparative law serves essential goals in the building of national scholarship and policy-making, and that globalization and rapid technological developments are phenomena that are deeply shaking the foundations of our legal systems. I hope to be able to further the Society’s workings and development through the experience I have gained in such a “global” institution as Maastricht University.

Furthermore, having already carried out research at the “cross-roads” between European law, and comparative constitutional and administrative law, having collaborated on numerous occasions with political scientists, I feel very strongly about the Society’s call for an “holistic” approach to public law, beyond the sub-divisions of legal disciplines, and for more interdisciplinary research. I truly believe that building bridges between disciplines and branches of law contributes to a deeper and better understanding of the complex phenomena that we are witnessing in our age.

If elected, my endeavor will be, firstly, to establish the Society even more firmly with both the young and the more senior public lawyers and academics and further the debate on the current challenges to public law. Secondly, in the current academic context where pressure is high for young researchers, I will specifically work to make ICON·S a place for intergenerational exchanges of creative ideas, challenging research projects, and at the same time “a safe space” for the new generation of public lawyers.