Juliano Zaiden Benvindo

Dear ICON·S Members,

It is an honor to be one of the nominees for ICON·S Council. ICON·S has been a fantastic network of people who are strongly engaged in promoting public law worldwide and has made big strides towards bringing together fellow researchers from distinct parts of the globe.

It is based on this premise that I find myself motivated to be a candidate for the ICON·S Council. I am from Latin America (Brazil), an important region where there are great scholars, though still very underrepresented in ICON·S events, and also a vast scholarship in public law, though internationally underexplored as a fundamental source.

I am an Associate Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Brasília, where I coordinate the Center for Comparative Constitutional Law, and a Research Fellow at the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development. I was also the Head of the Graduate Program in my school between 2014 and 2016. I have participated in previous ICON·S Conferences (New York, Berlin, Copenhagen) and been a regular contributor to I-CONnect, where I have already written about thirty pieces exploring Brazilian and Latin American recent constitutional and political developments. I am also a founding member of the forthcoming Brazilian Chapter of ICON·S. My scholarship is also found in distinguished publishers and journals , among them ICON (also as a peer-reviewer), and is mostly focused on comparative constitutional law and politics and constitutional theory (My SSRN page). I have also a close connection with Germany, where I carried out my PhD at the Humboldt University of Berlin and a Post-Doc Visiting Fellowship at the University of Bremen. Next year I’ll be at the Max-Planck Institute in Heidelberg.

My commitment will be to expand ICON·S to still very underexplored regions of the world. As in Latin America, I am sure that other regions are also full of fascinating experiences to be discovered and explored. This is where I will mostly concentrate my efforts on: to make ICON·S an even more inclusive society.