Erin Delaney

I am honored to be a candidate for the ICON·S Council.  I am grateful to the Society for the many opportunities I have had to present to and learn from the broader membership, as well as for the wonderful friendships that have developed out of our conferences.  My own scholarship—focusing on constitutional and judicial design in federal systems—has benefited greatly from the contributions of ICON·S members.

As a member of the Society, I have been committed to expanding and integrating networks since I attended the inaugural conference in Florence.  I work hard to identify and invite scholars new to ICON·S onto the conference panels I organize.  In Copenhagen, I collaborated with others to create an opportunity for senior and junior women to network – an effort that took formal institutional root at the Women’s Breakfast in Hong Kong.  And I am currently serving as co-chair of the newly constituted Subcommittee on Engagement.

ICON·S is an organization with generous substantive breadth, a global reach, and important aspirations for greater inclusion and diversity.  A big tent is a wonderful thing, but it requires active institutional management to ensure that new participants are not lost or overlooked, new chapters can flourish and thrive, and the overarching mission remains a shared one.  I will take these responsibilities seriously.

I am an institutionalist by training and inclination. (I serve as Associate Dean of Faculty and Research at Northwestern.)  Moreover, as an American in 2018, I am particularly attentive to the dangers of taking our most precious institutions for granted.  ICON·S has been a tremendous success, but we cannot allow ourselves to become complacent: We must care for the community we have created.  I hope to have the chance to do so through a position on the Council.