David Landau

I am honored to be a candidate for the ICON·S Council. I have enjoyed being as involved as possible with ICON·S. I have been on various panels as a presenter, commentator, and or chair at the last four ICON·S conferences, NYU (2015), Berlin (2016), Copenhagen (2017), and Hong Kong (2018). I am currently serving, or have recently served, on several committees for ICON·S, including the Program Committee for the 2019 conference in Santiago, the Research Sub-Committee, the Engagement Sub-Committee, and as co-chair (with Sergio Verdugo) of the Latin American Engagement Sub-Committee. I have been a founding editor of the ICONnect blog (the blog of the International Journal of Constitutional Law) since 2012 and I have served on the Scientific Advisory Committee of ICON itself since 2013.

Virtually all my scholarship has been in comparative public law, where I have researched a broad cluster of issues connected to democratic transitions, socio-economic rights, and judicial role. Much of my work has focused on Latin America, although I have worked with a scholarly network across the world. I have also published a book on Colombian Constitutional Law with Oxford University Press and I have published with many other presses and journals including Edward Elgar Press, the University of Chicago Law Review, Global Constitutionalism, and ICON itself. I am currently Mason Ladd Professor and Associate Dean for International Programs at Florida State University College of Law. I hold an AB, JD, and Ph.D from Harvard University.

If elected to serve on the Council, I will focus on further expanding the reach of the society. I have been involved in the creation of new chapters in Latin America and I would be honored to continue that work.