Andrea Simoncini

Dear fellow ICON·S members,

My name is Andrea Simoncini and I am running for election to the Society’s Council.

I am a Full Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Florence where I live with my family and four children.

I have been enthusiastically involved in the ICON·S project since its inception and helped to organize the first edition of the annual ICON·S conference in 2014 in Florence.

I have attended all of the Society’s annual conferences (save one) and I have therefore borne witness to the impressive growth of our Society.

Indeed, I am thrilled by the amazing experience of the recent first meeting of the Italian Chapter of ICON·S, where around 400 participants from 85 Italian and foreign universities attended two fantastic plenary sessions and around 65 concurring panels.

This recent gathering is a further demonstration of the winning and distinctive features of ICON·S: it combines the highest levels of academic expertise with an open forum for dialogue and research involving young and promising scholars.

The desire to keep the Society’s original vision alive and to improve on it is the main reason for my candidacy.

Paradoxically, the challenge for ICON·S today comes from its very success: it cannot just be a wonderful annual conference, it must continue to exist as a forum, a “place” where people meet and discuss, the only way in which to cultivate new ideas. I offer the General Council my experience as a researcher and professor and my experience as a board member of several cultural foundations (my CV is available on my website) as we discuss the advancement of ICON·S’ national chapters, the possibility of promoting “issue-based networks”, and the continued growth of the I-Connect Blog in our future.

Thank you for your consideration and see you in Santiago!