Aileen Kavanagh

As an Irish constitutional scholar working in the UK, I have published widely on leading issues in UK and comparative public law and constitutional theory. In my scholarship, I strive to offer a deep comparativism which integrates constitutional, political and theoretical inquiry into an analysis that is both practice-oriented and theoretically-grounded. My new book – The Collaborative Constitution (CUP, 2019 forthcoming) – combines comparative, theoretical, empirical and doctrinal components to argue that protecting rights is a collaborative enterprise between all three branches of government. 

In September 2019, I will move back to Ireland to take up a Chair in Constitutional Governance at Trinity College Dublin. Together with great colleagues in Dublin, I will help to set up a Centre in Constitutional Governance and I will also be deeply involved in the British-Irish ICON·S Chapter, helping to forge close connections between British, Irish and Northern Irish constitutional scholars at a time when political elites are threatening to rebuild borders and open old wounds in post-Brexit Britain. 

In these difficult political times, ICON·S provides a haven and a beacon of hope. Not only does it gives us an exciting, stimulating and supportive scholarly environment to discover and discuss cutting-edge scholarship, it also brings together a community of colleagues and friends who are professionally and personally invested in bringing deep analytical and comparative insight to bear on contemporary constitutional developments. 

In full admiration for all that ICON·S has achieved, I would be honoured to be elected to the Council of ICON·S. Serving alongside esteemed colleagues, I would do everything I can to contribute to the ongoing efforts to stimulate exciting new scholarship which cross-fertilises from different fields; to provide a supportive and inclusive forum for early-career and emerging scholars; and to cherish the values of geographical and gender diversity in everything the Society does.