Whose Global Health SEcurity

What would a pandemic treaty look like? This contribution will point to the concern that the current discussion of a “pandemic treaty” aiming at better solutions to “health emergencies” seems set on the current course which prioritizes certain kind of diseases as ones that international law should be concerned with. Will the proposed pandemic treaty replicate the focus on “health emergencies” in the IHR and the global health security paradigm?
This may continue the biases affecting the decision as to what is a health emergency, and whose security is included in “global health security”, especially given the paucity of norms touching on endemic and non-communicable diseases as well as on the underlying determinants of health. The current focus on duties surrounding new and emerging pandemics draws attention, resources, and efforts to diseases which are considered “PHEIC”. (Not including endemic diseases and non-communicable diseases). Can the pandemic treaty transcend this bias?