Where to look for European constitutional imaginaries in Poland?

I will present a tentative research design for the study of ECIs in Poland. The study will rely on in-depth interviews with crucial actors and a survey of literature, parliamentary documents and case law. It will cover the political, judicial and academic field. It will be divided in at least four parts relating to politico-legal processes in which ECIs have been likely to unfold: the adoption of the Constitution of 1997; the adaptation of the Polish law to EU law through legislation and case law to the EU accession of 2004; the carving out of the relationship between the Polish and EU legal order, mainly inside the courtrooms of apex courts – at a later stage in the context of financial crisis; and a major reorientation of political priorities and the constitutional reinterpretation after 2015. I particularly welcome critiques of the study design that would help me identify all relevant sources and processes likely to reveal ECIs alternative to the predominant legalist one.