When democracy becomes its own enemy—the problems of 2018 Public referendum in Taiwan and possible proposals

Taiwan enforced the Public Referendum Act in 2004, however, it has been criticized as “birdcage act” because of its high threshold. The Act was undergone a
significant revision in 2017 and boosted 10 proposals for a public referendum in 2018.
Yet It not only exaggerated the existing social conflicts and distrust, but also invited
criticism to human rights and the he democratic deficit of referendum.
This article focuses on the issues regarding to topics, process of mobilization,
review and debates, effects of same-sex marriage related referendum topics, inquiring
into the complex issues of discrimination, religious involvement and democratic
deficits of public referendum. The development of 2018 referendum indicates that,
without correct and sufficient information, and genuine understanding and
deliberation, public referendum may have the potential to undermine democracy.