What could the invasion of Ukraine mean for the future of solidarity between EU Member States?

From the cold war to the COVID-19 pandemic, unexpected tragic events have caught the EU by storm and made it clear that this is still an unfinished project.
However, according to Jean Monnet the EU would be the result of successive crises and how they would be handled. Although not all emergencies have led to the same outcomes, we have recent examples of reinforced integration as the ultimate positive consequence of European turmoil. In fact, as the outcome of Europe’s last crises, we have seen more developments in EU integration than what we have been seeing in last years.
After a pandemic, the EU is now confronted with a war on its doorstep. An unprecedented challenge that, according to the most recent projections, will cause the largest wave of refugees since the II World War. With our communication, we will reflect on the possible outcomes of this crisis and how this can be a turning point for the EU integration process, especially in what concerns social protection systems.