Waiting (and Paying) for Godot: Analyzing the Systemic Consequences of the Solidarity Crisis in EU Asylum Law.

The paper investigates on the consequences of the solidarity crisis for the EU as a governance system. Relocation schemes tried to achieve intra-state solidarity across Member States in the aftermath of the 2015 crisis but did not prove to be successful. Against this background, the paper analyzes ‘measures’ adopted after the failure of relocation schemes, focusing in particular on administrative arrangements to counter secondary movements and ‘ad hoc’ temporary disembarkation schemes. The article shows that, while reforms of legislative instruments are not progressing, Member States and, to some extent, also EU institutions are going down the lane of ‘operational and informal arrangements’, which are ‘bricolage solutions’ to counter undesired effects of the status quo, while waiting for structural solutions that are necessary but not in sight.