Violation of Inter-American Human Rights Standards on Criminal Prosecution and Political Proscription. Concomitant Effects in the Economic

The “legal wars” in Latin America have been raised from the ideology of lawfare by which part of the American establishment began to use the procedural and penal rules for the media and judicial denunciation of political leaders and social activists. Persecution with tools of the penal system has examples of political proscription of leaders of Latin American countries, and representatives of social sectors who demand structural reforms, and also human rights defenders.
The hypothesis to analyze is that the ultimate goal of this type of process is the consolidation of disciplined hegemonies in the social, political and economic spheres. The impact on the national capitalist sectors is dragging on a process of capture of the flagship industries. The paper will attempt to capture the different experiences of criminal prosecution of the opposition, the violation of inter-American human rights standards, and possible economic effects concomitant with the process denounced.