Vaccine Justice: For a Sustainable Disaster Management Scheme in Response to Pandemics

It has become, amid the pandemic, a matter of global concern how to procure and distribute vaccine in a fair and equitable way without stifling innovation. This work develops key normative rules that might provide a basis for an equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccine in the context of disaster management. The law of disaster management aims to enhance the resilience of the communities affected by way of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Examining the status quo of COVID-19 vaccine supply chains as compared with preceding epidemics, the work assesses the costs and benefits involving the potential waiver, compulsory licensing, access pricing regulation, or any other kinds of potential restriction of relevant patent rights as a part of disaster management scheme. In doing so, the work seeks the clue to striking a balance between innovation and access, taking into account the positive externalities that vaccination has on the public health.