Uruguayan constitutionalism through the “urgent consideration laws”

Uruguayan Constitution confers on the Executive Branch the power of sending bills to Parliament with a “declaration of urgent consideration.” In case Parliament decides to give it urgent treatment, the project must be treated within a maximum period of 90 days. In 2020, the new government, using that power, sent to parliament a bill with the declaration of urgent consideration, composed of 501 provisions referring to various public policies. The exceptional process of parliamentary discussion and the vast content of the law aroused serious criticism, to the point that a referendum appeal was filed against 135 provisions of the law, that will be held on March 27. Based on this case, it is intended to analyze three dimensions of constitutionalism in Uruguay: the evolution of relations and tensions between the Executive and Legislative Branch, the quality of parliamentary debates, the use of direct democracy mechanisms, and the scope of the Uruguayan judicial review.