Una teoría de los derechos sociales para Latinoamérica: Aprendizajes, retos y desafíos para la etapa post- pandemia

The objective of this presentation is to share the findings of an investigation carried out on the role of social rights in a reformulation of the concept of the Social State of Law for the XXI century, grounded in the Latin American socio-political context. With the worldwide effects of the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic emergency declaration, the weakened social and constitutional States of Rights in LATAM collapsed and evidenced the dismantling of the system of guarantees of human rights, with greater emphasis on social rights. For this reason, it is necessary to analyze the current situation of Latin American Social States in the midst of a pandemic and to carry out a study of the impact on social rights to reformulate the concept of Social State, its purposes, functions and the role of social rights for resilience and adaptation of society towards a post-pandemic society that guarantees the strengthening of democracy.