Tutela colectiva, cooperação e transfederalismo: compartilhando problemas e soluções

The text presents a reinterpretation of the constitutional system of division of powers, of state cooperation and of the collective protection of rights based on a concrete case: the breakdown of the Mariana Dam (in Brazil) in 2015. The case illustrates what we refer to as transfederalism. This notion describes the reconfiguration of the Brazilian state in the 21st century, which is structurally crossed by transversal relations of power and is constituted by the dispute for rights, powers and identities. By recognizing the current stage of the vindication if rights and the configuration of state structure allows for a more complex understanding of the problems and institutes of cooperation, of collective enforcement of rights and of shared authority. In this sense, the case is emblematic to exalt the need for judicial cooperation between organs of different federated entities, encouraged by collective tutelage of rights and, above all, how such cooperation can occur