Tres triadas sobre el concepto Ius Constitutionale Commune Latinoamericano

The paper reviews the literature and work of scholars whose works expressly refer to the term “Ius Constitutionale Commune en América Latina” (ICCAL) and treat it to express their understanding, to link it with other themes or to manifest their critique. Of this study it is possible to affirm three triads that express the meanings, disagreements and challenges from which the notion of ICCAL is accepted, that is to say its use has been generalized, although it is not exempt from criticisms. Thus, the meanings and disagreements converge in understanding ICCAL as a concept that describes the novel doctrinal, jurisdictional and human rights norms contained in different sources of law, which favors the formation of a Latin American common law in a gradual way. As a conclusion, the main challenges for the consolidation of the concept are set out.