Transnational public contracts and the challenge of digitalisation in the post-pandemic recovery

Public contracting is increasingly taking place as a key factor in the contemporary globalized world and the effects of the pandemic confirmed the importance of transnational public-private cooperation in the supply-chain of medical goods and services.

At the European level, the transnational effects of public contracting are already envisaged and provided in the 2014 Directives on Public Procurement for ensuring equal competition and overcoming the boundaries and legal difficulties of cooperation among the different Central Purchasing Authorities (CPBs) located among the European Union. Thus, transnational public contracts might be used with an effort of harmonisation, also for ensuring greater transparency and the traceability of public spending.

In the view of the implementation of the Recovery Plans for Europe, digitalisation might be the key factor to ensure both efficiency and integrity in public contracts and greater reliability of the public institutions.