Transformation and resistance: the Mexican Supreme Court publicity system in times of populism

In more than ten years of broadcasting and streaming Plenary deliberations, the Mexican Supreme Court's approach to decision-making and social communication has made visible both strengths and weaknesses. In my paper, and assuming that it is inconvenient or too late to return to a system of secrecy, I will explore what sort of institutional solutions could be put in place to boost the advantages of the system and minimize its drawbacks. In so doing, however, an entirely new element must now be accounted for: the fact the Mexican Executive is now occupied by a President that has openly criticized the judiciary for its distance from “the people”, and for its being a hurdle for social transformation. Analyzing the reactions of the Chief Justice to these messages over the last months, the paper explores the role publicity played in a context where the Court is set to resist attacks and efforts of cooptation, while not abandoning fundamental constitutional responsibilities.