Towards a “BRICS-Law” and the Emergence of New Sources of Law

One of the most pertinent but equally difficult questions in law and about the nature of law is about its “sources”. Given that law itself is a dynamic and contested concept, the question about sources is equally contested. In fact, a long time ago the warning was issued that “the term sources of law has many uses and it is a frequent cause of error”. Most of all, are they sources of law immutable like the laws of nature presumably are? Second, if not, then what about new sources of law?
The present paper will discuss the possible emergence of a new body of law covering the cooperation between the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). In a second step, it will align the question of a possible emergence of BRICS Law as a sui generis international legal regime with the need for new sources of law to be considered, notably in times of rapid change and emerging technologies, which pose a fundamental problem for the integrity of law.