Too “far” to be heard? Social participation in the decision making process.

Nowadays the effectiveness of social demands is yet to be an undisputed topic.Through the last few years we’ve seen political polarization getting stronger,as well as the weight of the social media in organizing and sharping the social demands.This two factors have had a massive impact in determining the dynamics of the decision making process.Trust if often a missing element in any polarized political context.If the actors in the field see the others as axiological opposites,there is small room for concessions thru dialog,because it’d mean giving up “my values” in favor of the“wrong” ones.This is the scenario Latinamerican democracies are facing right now.The cases of Colombia and Chile show the block the political dynamic could face in a context of “No Trust at all” among the parties at the table. Being this the diagnose, we aim to present a balanced analyze of the specific causes that lead to this situation, and to study the development it has shown the time that follows the protest