Together but Separated. The Relation between Romanian Constitutional Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union

In this paper, I shall refer to a particular case and two specific issues. The particular case deals with the Romanian Constitutional Court`s case-law concerning the question of the supremacy of the EU law over the national constitutional and legal order, under art. 148 (2) of the Romanian Constitution.
The first specific issue refers to the legal nature and the binding force of the recommendations stipulated in the reports drafted and issued by the European Commission under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism, as well as the Romanian Constitutional Court`s decision on the matter.
The second specific issue identifies the causes and effects of some preliminary questions raised by the Romanian High Court to the CJEU, as a consequence of the strongly criticized Constitutional Court`s decisions regarding the lawfulness and unconstitutionality of the appointment procedure of judges for the branches of the High Court.