The use of foreign precedents by constitutional judges: recent developments.

In this article, I will offer a series of reflections on the role of precedent in constitutional decision making by examine the role that local and foreign precedents plays in that task in Argentina.

In part I I present a brief historic account to provide a minimum context for those who have a scarce knowledge of the country. Part II identifies Argentina´s legal culture as one belonging to the Civil Law tradition. Argentina wanted to detach from its Spanish heritage, but all extant law and institutions were Spanish. Those features are indispensable to understand why Argentina is, in fact something in between both traditions. Part III is devoted to exploring how Argentine courts functioned at that time, the changes the legal community wanted to introduce, and the countries the courts were looking to for inspiration. I will examine how the court system, mainly at the Supreme Court level, implemented demands to treat judicial cases alike ant to publicize judicial decisions.