The “unbearable lightness” of unity: relations between State and Regions during the health emergency

It is undeniable that the Covid-19 health emergency has affected relations between State and Regions. At the present stage the tensions linked to the health emergency have in fact brought to light a problem that has never been fully resolved. We refer to the absence within the parliamentary body of the “voices” of the various territorial parts of the Italian State, in particular that of the Regions; and to the fact that such absence involves the risk of aggravating already existing fractures. Today the problematic nature of the relationship between parliamentary representation and territorial pluralism is particularly evident, as well as the need to identify the most suitable way to reach shared choices between the state and regional level of competence. The idea of “unity” in art. 5 of the Italian Constitution should in fact involve the grafting of territorial pluralism in the central decision-making bodies and not be the result of the central political orientation alone.