The Totalitarian Dimension of Neoliberalism and the Rise of Neo-Fascism

Neoliberalism uses market laws for its intransgressible organization of social life. For this reason, there is no alternative to neoliberal politics, which means that only the free-market and its competitive system can dictate political economy. Nevertheless, the way in which the market controls all areas of life and imposes entrepreneurial behaviour is leading to the disintegration of social solidarity and dismissing all state actions in favour of the regulation of negative externalities.
The aim of this contribution is to analyse how market logic works in a totalitarian way in the ground of neoliberal political practice, mainly by destructing political deliberation through the superiority of private law over public law and how it leads to the discrediting of liberal democracy. We intend to show how social frustrations are being manipulated by populism and how this is giving rise to a new fascism in response to the collapse of democracy generated by neoliberalism’s failures.