The sustainability of democracy. A case-study on the impact of ECtHR’s decisions in Turkey

The ‘democratic argument’ encompassed in article 3 of the Protocol 1 of the ECHR has been called into question against Turkey in the appeals for the dissolution of political parties as well as for the lift of the parliamentary immunity of several MPs. Quantitatively, until 2019, the ECtHR has been appealed for a violation of article 3
Protocol 1 of the ECHR by Turkey in 17 cases and has declared the violation in 11 of them. The proposed paper is divided in two parts. Part I briefly presents the common elements of the abovementioned 11 decisions, highlighting whether they envisaged a violation of the democratic argument in a domestic legal provision or in a practice of the Turkish institutions. Part II, then, focuses on the measures enacted at the domestic level to face the consequences of the ECtHR decisions ascertaining a violation, also providing some hints with regard to economic costs these decisions entailed for the country.