The Struggles of Majoritarian Democracy: An Incipient Latin American Trend Towards the Development of Dialogic Democracy

The present paper presents the struggles faced by contemporary societies in regard to Majoritarian Democracy — struggles which appear alongside the growing crisis of Representative Democracy. Latin America, tainted by the historical exclusion of social identity groups, is, therefore, the perfect stage to study such issues. Dissatisfaction in terms of social justice and political inclusion has given rise to the New Latin American Constitutionalism, a phenomenon which, outside the reach of the academy’s walls, has been fueled by social movements’ demands. In order to found a new State, capable of breaking free from the chains of imperialism, the latest Constitutions of Bolivia and Ecuador establish governments based on principles such as legal and epistemological pluralism, and, in doing so, further develop the Habermasian idea of Dialogic Democracy. Communicative Action, in such a context, may be the answer to attaining consensual social coordination.