The Strasbourg's cautios approach to women's rights

The European Court of Human Rights has had a step-by-step attitude towards the recognition of a specific approach needed when dealing with rights affecting women. Although art 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights recognises the principle of non-discrimination, sex included, the development of case law on women’s rights as a specific area of rights arrived rather late in comparison, for example, to the InterAmerican Court. After some initial hesitation, the Court has recognised the domestic violence as a gendered based violence, that means, a consequence of the discrimination suffered by women for ages. It must be pointed out that the commitment of the Council of Europe with combating violence against women has increases considerably since the entry into force of the Istanbul Convention. In any case, the heterogenous background of the 47 member states to the European Convention is holding back other recognitions as the right to a safe abortion or the right to divorce.