The Russian Constitutional Court (RCC) and Freedom of Peaceful Assembly (FPA): a complicated interrelation between ideal and reality.

The Russian Public Assembly Law is a very dynamic sector of the Public Law. Merely in 2004 a federal law on public events has been adopted, but this federal law was amended several times. In 2004-2020, a controversial legal practice regarding the FPA has been formed in Russia. At the moment there are several judgements of the RCC on issues of the FPA. The case-law of the RCC has a powerful impact on the modern Public Assembly Law. Having regard to the fact that Russia is member-state of the Council Europe, the RCC is actively makes reference to the European Human Rights Law. However, there are certain differences in the interpretation of the FPA between the RCC and ECtHR. Therefore, the presentation will be focused on the analysis of leading cases of the RCC and ECtHR, in order to define systemic problems of the implementation of the FPA in the Russia.